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One month of musigh: July of 2010

Depeche Mode

Via: allieology Two godly Depeche Mode remixes, the first is courtesy of KEEP≠REAL, the second is stream only for my own good. Depeche Mode – Peace (Musique Pour des Montagnes Unholy Church Adaptation) Depeche Mode – Fragile Tension (Kris Menace’s Universe Remix) Musique Pour des Montagnes | Kris Menace | Buy


Shigeto, representing music somewhere between glitch and electronica, has released a free EP called “What We Held On To” via Ghostly International. Nice and chill. Shigeto – What We Held On To Shlohmo – Spoons (Shigeto Remix) Shigeto | Shlohmo | Buy P.S.: musigh is now on Hypem ;)


Jakwob, one of the main figures of dubstep / wobble needs no introduction. Buy his stuff here or grab Wild Pitch in exchange for your email address here. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – Collapsing Cities (Jakwob Remix) Alan Pownall – A Life Worth Living (Jakwob Remix) Audio Bullys – Only Man (Jakwob Remix) Jakwob –  Continue reading »


The track’s a bit long, but it gets good fast so it’s not really a problem. Portishead – Roads (Max Cooper Remix) Portishead | Max Cooper | Via P.S.: I figured I don’t like the dark theme after all, so I kept the colors and brought the whiteness back. (You might need to hard-refresh, Crtl  Continue reading »

Down in L.A.

This song of Munk is pretty old, but even years after, a single of it has been released. Shazam‘s remix is a nice groovy one, while Them Jeans gave it a certain old school vibe (just skip the minute of buildup). You can buy the whole thing on iTunes / Beatport. Munk – Down In L.A.  Continue reading »

Day 7: Musigh Mystery Mix & Contest

I’ve got bad news and good news. Bad news is, there won’t be a Sunday Chillin’ today. Good news is that I spent my weekend on working on a mix, which you can listen to below! “Where’s the tracklist?” one may ask. There isn’t! Over the next week, you can send in the tracklist you  Continue reading »

Day 6: Donations

Photography: Mesq The week of updates is coming to its end, today I’m letting you know about yet another way you can support the blog. Hosting costs money unfortunately, so if you’re a generous soul you’d like to secure the blog’s future, or simply express your appreciation of my work through financial support, you can  Continue reading »

Day 5: Photos

Photography: Greenpin Chang Frequent visitors of the site probably already noticed that usually I post slightly unrelated photos along with every other article. To lessen the pressure, I’m now using Tumblr to share pictures that I find fascinating and/or inspiring. I have also started to shooting pictures myself, for which I will open a Flickr  Continue reading »

Day 4: Merchandise

Day 4 brings you the musigh merchandise store, as a few of you said that they would be interested in musigh T-shirts and whatnot. The design (if you can call it that) is my own, if you have any ideas, requests or questions, feel free to comment or contact me by email. P.S.: If you have  Continue reading »

Day 3: Facebook

“About time” I hear you say. You can find the official Facebook page for musigh here! Two Husky Rescue remixes, one I found at RCRD LBL, the other was suggested by Leon. Great stuff. Husky Rescue – They Are Coming (Warrior One Remix) Husky Rescue – New Light of Tomorrow (Evil 9 Remix) Husky Rescue  Continue reading »