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One month of musigh: July of 2010

Day 2: New host & design

Important! If you’re subscribed by email, please resubscribe, otherwise you will no longer receive notifications! You can do so on the right, under “Miscellaneous”. Yes, it’s still “musigh” ;) This is the new design I’ve been working on the past few days, it’s finally finished and I’m kind of satisfied with it. There’s still much  Continue reading »

Day 1: Joe is (still) awesome

[vimeo url= w=570&h=285] There’s no denying that Johannes Greve Muskat is the most awesome person ever lived. If he got a penny every time I thanked him, he’d be a millionaire. The video was completely his idea, and it’s simply amazing. You might ask, “what’s that ‘Day 1′ in the title?” This week, I’m going  Continue reading »

Sunday Chillin' #22

Photography: oscarW I’m not officially home yet. Next week however, is going to be something special ;) Pepe Deluxé – Little Miss Cypher (Reprise) Kid Loco – Cosmic Supernatural De-Phazz – Good Boy (ManMachineMan Remix) Pepe Deluxé | Kid Loco | De-Phazz

Don't Be Down

[youtube=] The time I’m writing this (Wednesday morning) I should be packing like crazy, since I will leave town within an hour. Thus I don’t have the time to schedule anything worthwhile for today, but don’t be down, I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new Sunday Chillin’ ;) (Yeah, this song is plain silly,  Continue reading »

Razor Tongue

I’ve found this song while looking for Sunday Chillin’ material, but it didn’t quite fit there so I’m just gonna leave it here. Martina Topley Bird – Razor Tongue Martina Topley Bird | Buy

Original Pirate Material

[youtube=] I don’t listen to much rap, but when I do The Streets always has a place on my playlist. Lots of albums to buy here. The Streets – Has It Come To This The Streets – Let’s Push Things Forward

Magnetic Man

Magnetic Man is all around the electro blogs nowadays, I shouldn’t miss out either. Pre-order of “I Need Air” is available over at iTunes. Magnetic Man – MAD Magnetic Man – I Need Air

Cooler Than Me

Photography: see through fabric Freebie time! I rediscovered Mike Posner just recently with the help of Gigamesh & Skeet Skeet. Apparently, he had a second “mixtape” coming out in 2009 that I didn’t notice – both of them can be downloaded for free from his MySpace page (you can find the links on the left  Continue reading »

Designed for Damage

Photography: Chris Grohusko Not the manliest track ever made, but it’s got a vibe that I really like. I hope you do too ;) Kyte – Designed for Damage (Pacific! Remix) Kyte | Pacific! | Buy

Sunday Chillin' #21

Photography: Hector Pozuelo “Aaron” was suggested by Nikolas, judging by the YouTube views it’s pretty big in Germany. Anyway, have a nice Sunday. Lamb – Angelica Burial – Shell of Light Paul Kalkbrenner – Aaron Lamb | Burial | Paul Kalkbrenner