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One month of musigh: October of 2010

Sunday Chillin’ #36

Photography: Kikko Karton Sorry to disappoint, have a nice Sunday. Phildel – Piano B MySpace | Buy

Labyrinth Ear

Photography: Olivia Bolles Labyrinth Ear has released their charmingly eerie Oak EP yesterday, which you can listen to / download here, completely free of charge. I picked this beautiful song, “Navy Light” from there — enjoy. Labyrinth Ear – Navy Light

Crystal Castles #2

Photography: Ayesha Tan-Jones It’s hard not to succumb to the hype, and since there isn’t anything special going on, here’s Robert Smith’s take on “Not In Love” that has been posted at 392 other blogs already. Hype or not hype, it’s pretty good anyway (though I still prefer Alice’s screaming over anyone else’s). To make it  Continue reading »

Zen Death Squad

Photography: Nirrimi Joy Zen Death Squad don’t have much music out, but those are pretty damn amazing. Trophy Wife – Microlite (Zen Death Squad Remix) Zen Death Squad – Cyber Dojo Lazer Training


Photography: Unknown :( These however, can never get old ♥ Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Algeronics Remix) Daft Punk – Digital Love (Algeronics Remix) Pony Pony Run Run | Daft Punk | Algeronics


I don’t know about you, but I sure love free stuff. And Parsha provides not only free stuff, but quality free stuff — you can download his EP “Astraux” here, or explore his Soundcloud here. Parsha – The Devil Wears Prada Parsha – Ready Or Not

Come Again

[vimeo 16140069 570 285] Lemâitre and Joe never cease to amaze me, they’re back with a new song and a wonderfully weird video, “Come Again”. Also expect more Lemâitre awesomeness next week ;) Lemâitre – Come Again (exclusive)

Sunday Chillin’ #35

Photography: Roise Hardy You can download Body Language’s EP here, buy Benoît Pioulard’s album here, and also download Kreng’s EP here. Have a nice Sunday. Body Language – You Can Benoit Pîoulard – Patter Kreng – Merope


Photography: Alla Nestulova An absolute bliss remix of Marina’s “Obsessions” by The Aspirins For My Children. Look for more on their Soundcloud. Marina and the Diamonds – Obsessions (The Aspirins For My Children Remix)

Afraid of Home

Art: Mikkel Sommer Instrumental and synth-heavy, positively sick music from Glasgow based producer HaHaHa. If you feel brave enough, you can listen to the rest of his “Evil” EP here, or even buy it when it comes out on the very day of Halloween. HaHaHa – Afraid Of Sharks HaHaHa – Do Not Go Home  Continue reading »