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Ketil and Ulrik of Lemâitre were kind enough to give musigh an interview. Props goes to Joe for conducting it, and for the teaser of course.

Are you childhood friends, or only met each other because of the music?
We have known each other since junior high, quite a long time.

How long have you been making music? Did you start with Lemaitre, or were any of you producing under a different name before?
We have been doing music since we were about 10 years old. Ulrik has played in bands, and Ketil has been doing house music and other electronic stuff under the name Ketz.

Do you have Norwegian songs that you play at live performances, or only English?
We only do English songs, we want to make our music accesible to not only Norwegians. Though acts like Sigur Ros, and Familjen makes it work very well.

Do you think the crowd would react differently to songs with native lyrics?
We think it can go both ways, some may find it interesting and exotic, while others might find it frustrating to not understand a word.

Is there an album planned, or would you like to get signed first, or maybe both, or neither?
We really hope to be able to make an album sometime. Sure, we would love to get signed first, but we will start working on an album sometime anyway. We really like the album format, where we can experiment a little more.

So if the album is ready but you don’t have a label yet, can we expect a self-release (like via Bandcamp), or does getting signed take priority?
We will have to wait and see where we are are that time. But it would be good with support from a label. But if we could manage everything ourselves, we would not mind a self-release.

Are there any plans on doing remixes?
Not yet, but if we get an offer, sure. But we think its more fun making original productions.

Does any of you have any hobbies, besides making music?
Ketil went to norwegian school of top gymnastics practicing his twintip skills, even though it might not look like it. Other than that we pretty much only do music.

If you could name a single person or band to do a collaboration with, who would that be?
Ketil: Noisia
Ulrik: Daft Punk

I heard you are going to play abroad for the first time. Do you have any fears about it?
Ketil hates flying, but other than that we are pretty much stoked about it!

You can hear & download Lemaitre’s brand new track, Blue Shift below, along with two others that haven’t been posted here yet. Enjoy!

Lemâitre – Blue Shift (exclusive)

Lemâitre – Fossil Fuels

Lemâitre – Momentum