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One month of musigh: November of 2010

Last Kiss

Not sure about the vocal part at the end, but this rocks anyway. LCTRISC need to have a more pronounceable name and make this available for digital purchase besides the 12” vinyl. LCTRISC – Last Kiss


Photography: Ryan & Drew Gaffney A bit of feel good funk is never a bad thing. You can find Hemingway on Facebook and Soundcloud too. Christov – Estella’s Invitation (Hemingway’s RSVP Remix) The Virgins – Rich Girls (Hemingway Remix) Hemingway – Metro Christov | The Virgins | Via

I’ve Got No Idea What To Write Here

Photography: Sarah It’s one of those days when I can’t find any really interesting stuff, but these are still pretty good. Kavinsky – Nightcall (The 666 Order Remix) Kry Wolf – Stand Up (Udachi Remix) Disco Killah – Failure (Udek Remix) Kavinsky | The 666 Order | Kry Wolf | Udachi | Disco Killah |  Continue reading »

The Glass

Art: Parker Gibson I tried to find an additional The Glass remix to post along with this, but I failed miserably because Black Van’s is apparently light years ahead all of them. You can buy the single on Beatport. The Glass – Four Four Letter (Black Van Remix)

Shuffle #4

Photography: Mischelle Mouth’s Cradle has a new thing out, they bring their usual electronic + rap style, great (albeit a bit short) listen. Their new mixtape is going to be out on the 23rd of November, something to keep in mind. Mouth’s Cradle – The Hype It takes a few listens to get used to  Continue reading »

The Woods

Photography: Cristina Corduneanu Gold Fields don’t have any contact info, so I can only hope that they don’t mind that I put this up here — even though “The Woods” is ‘just’ a demo, it’s way better than any indie songs I’ve come by lately. You can find a two more at their Bandcamp ;)  Continue reading »

Sunday Chillin’ #38

Photography: wakingphotolife Have a nice Sunday. Pogo – Wishery Music For Your Plants – Dr. Mudawi C418 – Sometimes I Make Video Game Music Pogo | Music For Your Plants | C418

Lemâitre Interview & “Blue Shift”

[vimeo 16630558 570 320] Ketil and Ulrik of Lemâitre were kind enough to give musigh an interview. Props goes to Joe for conducting it, and for the teaser of course. Are you childhood friends, or only met each other because of the music? We have known each other since junior high, quite a long time.  Continue reading »

Call of the Wild

Florrie’s music is as good as pop can get. She also drums and makes funny faces while doing so. Support her by buying her “Introduction” EP (which she also put up as a free download, just like that). Florrie – Call of the Wild

Electric Feel

Photography: Иван Бельтиков Some (not so) random electro tracks because my internet went down for a day and now I have a lot of catching up to do. Wahlström & Valiant – Ninjapunk Shin – Pusan City Lights (Deluce Street Fighter Remix) Mr. Scruff – Get A Move On (Doorly’s Pigeonhole This! Bootleg) Walström &  Continue reading »