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One month of musigh: December of 2010


Photography: Alicia Rey So this is my “best of the year” list, entirely my opinions anyway :) Feel free to post yours if you disagree! Album: Crystal Fighters – Star of Love It’s got indie, it’s got electronic, it’s got dubstep, and much much more. The only two tracks I didn’t like are “I Do  Continue reading »

If We Try (Revisit)

Photography: Charles Bergquist I’ve posted Steed Lord’s “If We Try” remix earlier this year, and I didn’t think it could get better than that. But then I found this ConRank remix in my inbox yesterday, and I think I have a new favorite. Reset! – If We Try (ConRank Remix)

Jungle Fiction

Jungle Fiction, an electronic trio from Iceland are back in business with a bang, meaning a free EP with remixes by names like Fukkk Offf or F.O.O.L. Enjoy! Jungle Fiction – Heat of the Nite Jungle Fiction – Transhuman (F.O.O.L Remix)

Her New Touch

Photography: Sam Plant The Bird Day sent over their new single just before Christmas, and now I’ve got the time to actually post it. “Her New Touch” follows the band’s traditional, chaotically uplifting indie songs in style, just the way I like it. The Bird Day – Her New Touch

Sunday Chillin’: Mixtape Edition

musigh – Sunday Chillin’ Mixtape Artist Song From Sunday Morning I, Cactus Ruby Cactus #41 Khonnor A Little Secret #39 Lodger Two Smiles Is A Long Walk #5 Lamb Angelica #21 FC Kahuna Hayling #4 Thievery Corporation Sweet Tides #1 Groove Armada At The River #1 Gorillaz On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) #19 Daedelus  Continue reading »

Merry Christmas

Photography: Alexandra Matzke Merry Christmas, happy holidays. Torley – Time Travel Ain’t Easy Torley – Valleyfields Torley | Buy


Photography: Jaci Sue This is good music. My three years old sister said so, so it must be true. Creep – Days (feat. Romy Madley Croft) Creep – Days (Deadboy Remix) Creep | Romy Madley Croft | Deadboy | Buy In other news, kind of as a Christmas present (though another one is coming up  Continue reading »

1:18 // Strobes Pt. 2

Photography: Shawn McClung Not my best day ever, but Lemâitre might just make it so. If you’ve still got some money left from the shopping frenzy, spend it on them, because they undoubtedly deserve it. P.S.: Joe said something about a video too, I’ll update this when it’s up ;) Lemâitre – 1:18 Lemâitre –  Continue reading »

Shuffle #6

Photography: Mara Ludwig That Neon Indian cover is somewhere between total weirdness and chiptune ecstasy, Krusha is back on nostalgia lane with a Pixies remix and Florrie finally cleared that Baby Monster remix for sharing. Enjoy! Neon Indian – Children of the Revolution (T. Rex Cover) Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven (Krusha Remix) Florrie –  Continue reading »


Photography: Bruno Dayan Love love love this sound. A mysterious producer from Poland; you can find more of Stavarsky’s tunes on YouTube. Stavarsky – Proud Stavarsky – Keyser Soze