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One month of musigh: April of 2011

The English Riviera

Photography: Luke Byrne Metronomy’s new album got leaked almost a month ago, but like a good blogger I waited out till it’s officially released (and apparently missed the date by two weeks, hm). Compared to “Nights Out” the new songs are noticeably less chaotic and feature warmer vocals — some of them are even what you  Continue reading »


Photography: Diana It’s not that Crystalised this time, but a producer I randomly stumbled upon (I do that sometimes). Crisp and nice sounding electro, how wonderful. Thieves Like Us – Shyness (Crystalised Edit) The Noisy Freaks – D.R.E.A.M (Crystalised Remix) Charlotte Gainsbourg – Time Of The Assasins (Crystalised Remix) Crystalised | Thieves Like Us |  Continue reading »

Sunday Chillin’ #59

Photography: Mac Scott Have a nice Sunday! K-Conjog – Uno Is Walking Two Bicycles - Quiet Danger Happy Trendy – Lonesome George K-Conjog | Two Bicycles | Happy Trendy


Photography: Metin Groundislava – coming from the same place as Shlomo, Juj and others – is all about beats taking over in the most mind-boggling way. You can buy his self-titled debut that way just released here, and/or download his EP “Book of Tech” here. P.S.: Loving the Jake Weary vocals too. Groundislava – Panorama (feat.  Continue reading »

Get To The Point

Photography: Astrid Prasetianti Because the chaotic value of this Excision x Krusha remix is off the charts, I had to turn my speakers to the max to bring out its potential — needless to say it was totally worth it. Excision & Liquid Stranger – Get To The Point (Krusha Remix)

Hold My Breath

Photography: Tierney Gearon So mellow, so oldschool, so great <3 Wolfram – Hold My Breath (Sally Shapiro Version) Wolfram | Sally Shapiro


Photography: Hannah Davis Pop music… the good kind ;) More BOA here! BOA – Push BOA – Raincheck (Reversed Version)

My Way

Photography: Marcos Pezzani A collaboration EP of three producers brought together by Soundcloud, “My Way” shows how similar yet different can dubstep and a track get. Ioqe – My Way Mr. Ebs – My Way Retrotation – My Way Ioqe | Mr. Ebs | Retrotation


Photohgraphy: Laura Makabresku In this chapter of ‘musigh & musical diversity’ we are going to look into Alphacloud, and the genre is… rock! Or something like that. Good stuff anyway. Alphacloud – Modern Days (exclusive)

Sunday Chillin’ #58

Photography: Meagan Have a nice Sunday! amnioTech – Placenta Minimal States – Escape Homestuck – A Tender Moment amnioTech | Minimal States | Homestuck