With no job due to exams coming up I apparently ran low on money. This shouldn’t be your concern though, but I recieved a “Payment Failure Notification” from my webhost the other day, meaning unless I conjure up some bucks the blog will be unavailable a week from now until I do so.

I sincerely hate to do this, but if any of you dear readers have some spare change lying around, please consider donating below. While I set no goal, $10 would be more than enough to get the blog through this inconvenience — if there are any more donations however, they will be reserved to pay future server costs and whatnot.

If you do decide to donate, please provide the username you use on the blog in its description, so I can make your comments have a nice little heart indicating your generousness. Likewise, if you have donated in the past, feel free to email me with the name you donated by and your username so I can do the same ;)