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One month of musigh: July of 2011

Sunday Chillin’ #74

Photography: plakka Have a nice Sunday! LTR – Idealism Possimiste – The Flight of Lulu Sun Glitters – Eventide (feat. Niva & Charlee) LTR | Possimiste | Sun Glitters | Niva | Charlee


Photography: Claire M. I’m pretty tired for anything, but here’s a quick indie pop song by Dakotafish nevertheless. Dakotafish – Jitter


Photography: Sarah Lee Ann After seeing Dream Boat’s transparent vinyl (how cool is that?!) I poked around a bit, and found their “Water” mix, containing this Justin Timberlake into witchhouse remix. Fun times. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River (Dream Boat DST&TRSH Remix)


  Photography: Leah Morgan A bit rough around the edges, but Atrillest’s music has much, much potential. Atrillest – Mortex Atrillest – Cloud Run Atrillest – Beach Eyes

Together Robots

Photography: Kristine May Feel good house thingy. Free too ;) Together Robots - Magical Night (Fembot Lover) Together Robots - Heaven (Death In Paris 1983 Remix) Together Robots | Death In Paris 1983

The Bay

Art: Michael Vincent Manalo I absolutely adore this remix, a bit stiff in the beginning only to build such great momentum later on. Metronomy – The Bay (The 2 Bears Remix) Metronomy | The 2 Bears

Sunday Chillin’ #73

Photography: Brittany Nicol Fabry Have a nice Sunday! Birkwin Jersey – Sixes & Nines Blonde Redhead - Penny Sparkle (Salem Remix) Birkwin Jersey | Blonde Redhead | Salem

Chrome Sparks

Photography: Cole Rise Flawless and thoroughly astounding, Chrome Sparks has found a new fan in me. I highly recommend dropping him a few $ in exchange of his “My <3″ EP here. Chrome Sparks – Show You My Way Chrome Sparks - All There Is (feat. Steffaloo) Chrome Sparks - Our Love Is Heartbeats; Our Love Is  Continue reading »


  Photography: Louise Leppard Latest blog sensation, synth heaven, M83. M83 – Midnight City


  Photography: moaan After a couple of listens and evaluating I still believe that there is some weird, pleasing synergy between the distorted yet melodic vocals and the almost obtrusive bass. Sub Swara – Nectar feat. Kendra Foster (Psymbionic Remix) Sub Swara | Kendra Foster | Psymbionic