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One month of musigh: August of 2011

Pyramid: Lost in Space

Pyramid – Lost in Space No. Title Length 1. Space Odyssey 4:34 2. Blue Moon Love 3:06 3. Digital Rain 5:32 4. Interlude 1:54 5. The Race 3:07 6. Fire 3:19 7. Life 6:44 8. Extra Life 4:34 9. Galaxy 3:39 10. Stars Theme 3:26 Download // Mirror Celebrating 1,000 followers at his Facebook page,  Continue reading »

Bad Things

I’m still not sure if I should’ve posted this. Jace Everett – Bad Things (Mister Gray Dubstep Remix) Jace Everett | Mister Gray

Sunday Chillin’ #78

Photography: Ashli Hunt Have a nice Sunday! Memotone – Sleeping With The Insects Holobeams and Broken Machines – Eve Bell Sleep ∞ Over – Romantic Streams (Balam Acab Remix) Memotone | Holobeams and Broken Machines | Sleep ∞ Over | Balam Acab

Moustache Machine

Photography: Mattie Krall Warm vibes and an awesome name, I need nothing more today. Moustache Machine – Pluton Moustache Machine - Boulevard Malesherbes Justice – Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (Moustache Machine Remix) Moustache Machine | Justice | Via


[youtube PZcHY-J1ShM 570 352] The video above is Leno’s own creation with a re-re-worked “Princess”, it’s eye-poppingly amazing ♥

Minipost #2

Photography: Richie Preiss The dubstep alter-ego of Shuffle makes its return! :o Klaypex – Lights Electric Drip – Loose Lips, Death Grips Crystal Castles – Celestica (Parsha Remix) Klaypex | Electric Drip | Crystal Castles | Parsha

7 Billion People All Alive at Once

Photography: Katrina Leno It grabbed my attention due to the amazing Jape remix, but actually the original indie-rock version is thoroughly enjoyable as well. Sadly, I can’t put up these for download, but their greatness should easily counterweight this inconvenience, not to mention that you can purchase ASIWYFA’s single for no more than the price  Continue reading »

Shuffle #11

Photography: Svetlana Three random but nice tracks, more electronic and less indie this time! tenBennys – Seven N7 (feat. Das Tapes) Housse De Racket – Roman (Oliver Remix) Mike Posner - 31 Minutes to Takeoff (Keljet Remix) tenBennys | Das Tapes | Housse De Racket | Oliver | Mike Posner | Keljet

Sunday Chillin’ #77

I’ve probably used a dozen of his pictures already, so I’d like to give a proper shout-out to photographer Luke Byrne. The washed-out yet incredible colors, the little joys of life glowing from every picture, and the absence of carefully arranged compositions and fake sentimentality is what makes him my favorite photographer of all time. Have  Continue reading »


Photography: Meg Kroeker I’ve got nothing to say today, enjoy Real if you will though. Real – Cut Me Down Flight Facilities – Crave You (Real Remix)