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One month of musigh: October of 2011

Midnight #2

Photography: Emily Golitzin I really haven’t time for a proper post at the moment, so enjoy this Alcala remix of M83‘s “Midnight City”, pretty much 6 minutes of the same goodness. M83 – Midnight City (Alcala Remix)

Silver Swans

Photography: Ann He. I passed by Silver Swans already, but this rediscovery made me realize how good their music is. Silver Swans – Secrets Silver Swans – He Doesn’t Know Why Silver Swans – Secrets (Number Stations Remix)


Photography: Ole Thomas While I have doubts about the name Nuck Chorris (formerly Ludvain), I have zero doubts about the music. More at his Bandcamp! Nuck Chorris – Opalescence Nuck Chorris – Blue La Roux – Bulletproof (Nuck Chorris Edit)

Sunday Chillin’ #85

Photography: Lukasz Wierzbowski Have a nice Sunday! Kozak94 – My Little Chinese Man Three Fields – How It Rains Here Kozak94 | Three Fields


Photography: Unknown Taken from Parhsa‘s new EP, a magnetizing mixture of bleeps and bass. Parsha – VY CMa (removed by request)

Shuffle #13

Photography: Jaci Sue Let the music speak for itself. Black Twig – Lake Song Casiokids – Golden Years The Good Natured – Wolves (Crystal Fighters Remix) Black Twig | Casiokids | The Good Natured | Crystal Fighters


Art: smallvillian 8-bity DnB, dubstep and the combination of the two. Donate for/download this spectacular music here. Sabrepulse – Paradise Sabrepulse – We Were Young Sabrepulse – First Crush (feat. Knife City) Sabrepulse | Knife City

Inverness #4

Photography: Jacobo Zanella Wow, Inverness has just released an album and a collab EP. His tunes are stellar as always. Inverness – The Fade Inverness – Paisley Inverness – Falcor

Algebraic Satellite

Photography: thecompletetruth Fairly unknown but undoubtedly good electro + indie by Algebraic Satellite. You can find the rest of the album here. Algebraic Satellite – Ann Droid Algebraic Satellite – Dayglow Nights

Sunday Chillin’ #84

Photography: Elizabeth Gadd Have a nice Sunday! Woulg – Drift Acanthus – Isabelle’s Demise NO CEREMONY/// – WEARME Woulg | NO CEREMONY///