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One month of musigh: November of 2011


Photography: Nicholas Strobelt The Sound of Arrows have finally released their debut album (a few weeks ago actually). It’s a good deal of pop music in general, but this… conquers them all. The Sound of Arrows – Conquest


Photography: azrasta Alcohol&Ecstasy consists of the producer duo Attila and Eden, and have already put up about a dozen songs on their Bandcamp. Very smooth, very promising. P.S.: The Tailors song from the other day is up ;) Alcohol&Ecstasy – Krystal Alcohol&Ecstasy – The Lights Alcohol&Ecstasy – Smoke Good

Sunday Chillin’ #91

Photography: Martina Falchetti Have a nice Sunday! The Soft – Tropisms Hype Williams – Break4love Breezewax – Wasurenai Dene The Soft | Hype Williams | Breezewax


[vimeo 32617386?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 570 320] Joe‘s latest creation, music by Tailors, loving both entirely. The song is still in the works, but check back on Sunday and it might just be here ;) Edit: They tweeted at me with a “maybe”, so nothing certain but I’ll put it up ASAP! Edit 2: It’s finally here, big  Continue reading »

Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion

Photography: Théo Gosselin I think the thing I like most about this song are the crystal clear instrumentals. You can find the rest of Oliver Tank‘s “Dreams” EP here. Oliver Tank – Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion


Photography: grandma hands It’s also been a while since I’ve featured Draper (although he’s doing good on his own too), so here’s some positively ear-pleasing music of his. Phoneshop – A Owl (Draper Remix) Worship – House of Glass (Draper Remix) Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Draper Remix) Phoneshop | Worship | Strange Talk

Janski Beeeats #2

Photography: Nitrok One year later: I randomly check Janski Beeeats only to find out that his music has turned from ‘pretty good’ into ‘oh wow’. Janski Beeeats – Dumbstep Janski Beeeats – Sick Ballad Janski Beeeats – Completely Nuts Janski Beeeats – The Boring Trance

Sunday Chillin’ #90

Photography: Aleyn Comprendio Have a nice Sunday! P.S.: Fellow blogger Blake of Pandoric did an interview with me, you can find it here in case you’re interested ;) Kinisi – Weekdaze Sinitus Tempo – New Life I Aeronaut – Backyard of Butterflies Kinisi | Sinitus Tempo | I Aeronaut

Shuffle #15

Photography: Luis Hernandez These would probably warrant their own posts, but I’m not the one to hold back great music ;) Stranger Danger – Tantra Röyksopp – Happy Up Here (Instrumental) Carrousel – Darling, You’re So Mean To Me Stranger Danger | Röyksopp | Carrousel

Me & Mr. Wolf

Photography: Laura Makabresku Not overly musigh-y, but despite its flaws (the werewolf voice is rather out of place, and I wouldn’t miss instrumental solo) I’m loving The Real Tuesday Weld‘s “Me and Mr. Wolf” to bits. The great momentum and lovely vocals of Ms. Piney Gir kept this song on repeat for me the past  Continue reading »