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One month of musigh: December of 2011

The Lower 48

Photography: Olivia Larrain Heiremans The Lower 48 makes charming, low-key indie  for those who like it. You can buy their debut here! The Lower 48 – The End The Lower 48 – Into The Woods

Sunday Chillin’ #93

Photography: Natalie Nguyen Have a nice Sunday! SBTRKT- Pharoahs Warning Light – Eventide Ladies We Have A Ghost – It Is What It Is SBTRKT | Warning Light | We Have A Ghost

ENiGMA & PhillySoundSystem

Photography: harpy LU10 Records has just given away 71 freebies from several of its artists, among which two really caught my attention: ENiGMA and PhillySoundSystem. You can hear why below. PhillySoundSystem – Axe Handle PhillySoundSystem – Your Useless Sigur Rós – Sæglópur (ENiGMA Remix) Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek (ENiGMA Remix)


Photography: Marty Desilets Electro house is not my speciality, but these sound pretty damn fine to me. Dada Life - Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker (A.G.Trio Rework) Ava Takes A Walk - Loose Lips Sink Ships (A.G.Trio Remix) Dada Life | Ava Takes A Walk | A.G.Trio

Satellite Stories #2

Photography: Alexandra Two Satellite Stories remixes, old and new, both are excellent. Satellite Stories – Helsinki Art Scene (Taika Club Remix) Satellite Stories – Blame The Fireworks (Tiger Palace Remix) Tiger Palace | Taika | Buy


Photography: Valentin Chenaille Very instrumental and beat-heavy — I would think that this is a Ratatat song if I hadn’t known better. It’s good to see people making music like this. C2C – F·U·Y·A C2C | Via

Child Bride

[youtube CWXpTlofmx0 570 350] Simple but beautiful song and video from Hannah Cohen. No release yet, sadly.

Sunday Chillin’ #92

Photography: wakingphotolife Yesterday I’ve got my very first snail mail promo package — courtesy of Mute — containing Apparat‘s “The Devil’s Walk” among other albums. It really is great, if you like “Black Water” I can only recommend getting it. Anyway, have a nice Sunday! Apparat – Black Water The Shangri-Las – I’ll Never Learn Dead Island  Continue reading »


Photography: Samuel Pritzker Pyramid‘s latest remix of “Canon” by Justice. Not having heard the original I gave that a try too, but apparently this is on a whole another level. Justice – Canon (Pyramid Remix)

Unicorn Dreams 2999

Photography: Jonas Romo Feel good! :) Oxford - Unicorn At Night Robotaki – Visual Dreams (Instrumental) Milch of Source - Galaxy Train 2999 (feat. EeL) Oxford | Robotaki | Milch of Source