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One month of musigh: January of 2012

The End

Photography: Kaytee Callahan In an unexpected turn of events Lemâitre has just given away this song from their upcoming EP. You can get the wav version from here ;) Lemâitre – The End (Extended)


Photography: kygp Not entirely sure what to think of this song, although it’s quite catchy indeed. Le Le – Neen Le Le | Via

Happy Violence

Photography: Sofia Minetto Another day, another disco wobblez, a pleasure to listen to :) Dada Life – Happy Violence (Timo Juuti & Hector 87 Disco Wobblez Bootleg) Dada Life | Timo Juuti & Hector 87

Shuffle #17

[vimeo 34510804?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 570 320] Another fine selection of various tracks for your listening pleasure, also Lemâitre‘s teaser of their new EP (above). D’Anconia – Elodie Left Boy feat. Mirakle – Video Games Dolly Parton - Jolene (Ostinati Remix) D’Anconia | Left Boy | Mirakle | Dolly Parton

Sunday Chillin’ #97

Photography: Jovan Todorovic I found a grave shortage of chillin’ sounds today, but hopefully this Clams Casino song will make up for it. Have a nice Sunday! Clams Casino – I’m God


Photography: Li Hui The moment I heard this song it reminded me of Radiohead‘s “Thinking About You”. This one by Brice Woodall is gives the same feeling, possibly invoking the same amount of goosebumps too. Brice Woodall – POV


Photography: Marco Masip Oh, I couldn’t wait till Sunday with Dalo. Dalo – Domino

Virtual Boy

Photography: Unknown Virtual Boy come from the more known places of music, no wonder why. Virtual Boy – The Future Holds A Beat Ennio Morricone – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Virtual Boy Remix)


Photography: Kevin Chung I didn’t originally plan to do this because I haven’t had anything specifically in mind for the list, but as per several requests, here it is: Album: M+A – Things.yes I haven’t listened to too many albums that were released in 2011, but and M+A’s debut clearly stood out from the rest.  Continue reading »

Sunday Chillin’ #96

Photography: Ibai Acevedo Have a nice Sunday, have a nice new year. Magic Man – Layers The Walton Hoax – Chemical Burn (TTP Remix) Ash Reiter – Merry Christmas Baby (Beach Boys Cover) Magic Man | The Walton Hoax | Ash Reiter