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One month of musigh: February of 2012

Old Man

Photography: Tim Roth I’m actually posting from Sound Remedy again, a remix of Neil Young‘s that’s basically a perfect “modern version” of the original. Neil Young – Old Man (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sunday Chillin’ #104

Photography: Li Hui Have a nice Sunday! Pond – Mystery Noosa – Fear Of Love Winter Palace – Saturday Morning Pond | Noosa | Winter Palace


Photography: Sandy Honig Lovely vocals. Francis‘ new EP is out on Monday via Stragers Candy. Francis – Traktor Francis – Creek Of Lonesome Town

Cherry Tree

Photography: Nicole Stites I don’t like getting old… well, at least this song doesn’t. KT Tunstall – Black Horse and the Cherry Tree KT Tunstall | Buy

Do Ya Thing

Photography: Unknown Ahhahaha. Gorillaz – DoYaThing (feat. Andre 3000 & James Murphy) Gorillaz | Andre 3000 | James Murphy

Never Know

Art: Polaris Castillo Tropical flavoured indie pop, quite adorable :) Charli XCX – I’ll Never Know Charli XCX | Via

Shuffle #19

Photography: Nan Goldin I can’t really post one track at a time when there are so many good ones around! Creep - Animals (Alpines Remix) Sound Remedy – This Is Sound Remedy Baron Von Luxxury - That Disco Beat (feat. Little Boots) Creep | Alpines | Sound Remedy | Baron Von Luxxury | Little Boots

Sunday Chillin’ #103

Photography: Emily Doe Have a nice Sunday! Ta-Ku – Side To Side Red Alder – Planet Fall John LaMonica – Stereo Claws Ta-Ku | Red Alder | John LaMonica

Santo Domingo

Photography: Maia Akiva Drop Electric is returning with a new album, from which they have just released this single, “Santo Domingo”. It’s very powerful, maybe even majestic; it leaves me with great desire to listen to the rest. Drop Electric - Santo Domingo

Snow Storm

Photography: Nich Hance Both are so good! :) Amarante – Snow Storm Amarante – Snow Storm (Dalo Remix) Amarante | Dalo