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One month of musigh: March of 2012


Photography: Andrey Timofeev BURNS was able to turn the Marina‘s average pop-electro feel “Primadonna” into something special, amazing even. The single can be pre-ordered here. Marina & the Diamonds – Primadonna (BURNS Remix)


Photography: Nicolas Bouvier I rarely grow accustomed to pop songs, but I can’t find a fault in this one. KO KO – Float KO KO | Via

Sound Remedy Interview & “Home”

With the release of his new LP, I did an interview with the LA based electronic music producer, Sound Remedy. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. How long have you been making Haunted Valor? I have been working on Haunted Valor since my last EP, Potions, came out 6 months ago.  Continue reading »


Photography: Sandy Honig This has got pretty much nothing to do with the original; pure funk! Avicii – Levels (RebelRebel Remix) Avicii | RebelRebel

Sunday Chillin’ #108

Photography: Vanessa Paxton Have a nice Sunday! ProleteR – April Showers Blue Sky Black Death – Gold In Gold Out Sidechains - Voyager  (Daft Punk Cover) ProleteR | Blue Sky Black Death | Sidechains | Daft Punk

Shuffle #20

Photography: Jean-Baptiste Sinniger A Shuffle so I don’t neglect posting anything great. MRTN - Slow (Apparent Motion Remix) Hyper Crush - Werk Me (Overwerk Remix) Santigold – Disparate Youth (The 2 Bears Remix) MRTN | Apparent Motion | Hyper Crush | Overwerk | Santigold | The 2 Bears

Life Above The Stars

Photography: Angeles Peña This wondrous track is taken from Pyramid‘s new release “Life Above The Stars”. You can find the rest of the EP here. Pyramid – Neutral (exclusive)

Clint Eastwood

Art: Dan Mumford Since Gorillaz‘s “Clint Eastwood” is one of the songs that influenced my taste in music the most, I’m always wary when I hear a reinterpretation of it.  Psymbionic does not disappoint however; it’s easy to get used to, and just as easy to be put on repeat. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (Psymbionic Remix)

Frogs, Airports, and an Ocarina

Photography: Jon Beard A quick beat before I go to sleep, courtesy of I Am Robot :) I Am Robot - Frogs, Airports, and an Ocarina

Sunday Chillin’ #107

Photography: Jaclyn Sue Have a nice Sunday! Pyrenees - Man’s Place In Nature Esbe – Broken Record Pyrenees | Esbe