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One month of musigh: April of 2012

Sunday Chillin’ #113

Photography: RIĆOR Have a nice Sunday! Shinamo Moki – Zeal Tycho – Dive (Memoryhouse Remix) Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix) Shinamo Moki | Tycho | Memoryhouse | Sufjan Stevens | Shigeto

The Day Before You Don’t Have A Clue

[youtube EOtcEjtcnO4 570] [youtube UmoVNCsPv1k 570] Joe sent me this amazing blend of Röyksopp‘s “You Don’t Have A Clue” and a ’30s cartoon Tom and Jerry this morning. I also included The Real Tuesday Weld‘s (already featured) “The Day Before You Came”, made in similar style with Felix the Cat.

Sorry I Can’t

Photography: Carla F. Andrade Make coherent posts nowadays. Enjoy if you will. Purity Ring - Obedear Hot Chip - Flutes (Cryptonites Edit) Voyager - Lovers (The Frost Instrumental Remix) Purity Ring | Hot Chip | Cryptonites | Voyager | The Frost

Shuffle #22

Photography: Unknown More Shuffle for me and you. Andrea - Work The Middle (Real Remix) Labrinth – Climb On Board (Azedia Remix) Angus and Julia Stone – And The Boys (HappyHats Edit) Andrea | Real | Labrinth | Azedia | Angus and Julia Stone | HappyHats


Photography: Johanna Lundberg Pyramid has well deserved the 3,000 fans that he celebrated this Traxx remix with. Traxx – Discovery (Pyramid Remix)

Sunday Chillin’ #112

Photography: Metin Fejzula Have a nice Sunday! Simmplex – Eve Kyson – Forest Footsteps Conner Youngblood – Proportions Simmplex | Conner Youngblood | Kyson

Sword & Sworcery

Video game soundtracks rarely catch my attention, but Sword and Sworcery‘s, created by Jim Guthrie was love at first listen. You can buy the OST here (and the game itself — or rather an art form — here). Jim Guthrie – Lone Star


Photography: Jim Melodic electro with theatrical elements; not posting these creations of FIXYN was out of question. FIXYN – A Fork’s Knife FIXYN – You Don’t Know Fiction


Photography: Astrid Prasetianti Mannequine‘s remixes sound effortlessly better than the originals. Generationals - Greenleaf (Mannequine Remix) Charlotte Gainsbourg - Paradisco (Mannequine Remix) The Rapture - In the Grace of Your Love (Mannequine Piano Remix) Generationals | Charlotte Gainsbourg | The Rapture

Dem Bones

Art: たえ Captivating minimalism. I’m keeping an eye out for BLKKATHY from now on. BLKKATHY – Dem Bones