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One month of musigh: May of 2012

Sound of Neon

Photography: wakingphotolife Neonized Magazine has recently released a compilation completely free of charge. It’s full of goodies like these, so don’t hesitate to check them out ;) Cosmonaut Grechko – EE The Frost - We Are Golden The xx - Shelter (Bombjack Mirrors Cover) Cosmonaut Grechko | The Frost | The xx | Bombjack

Sloane Alabaster

Photography: Sergey Neamoscou Sloane Alabaster is as promising as unknown at the moment — I sincerely hope the latter will change. Sloane Alabaster – Southern Bell Sloane Alabaster – Intergalacticus RIP MCA (Demo)


Photography: Unknown A pretty unusual and at the same time great indie song from New Hands. New Hands – Tulips

Sunday Chillin’ #117

Photography: Michael Gelinas All three releases are superb, you can get them here, here and here. Have a nice Sunday! P.S.: Leno’s is currently unavailable, will try to work it out with him. Ambiante – Horizon Romo – Lounge Music Leno Lovecraft – Paradise Planet Ambiante | Romo | Leno Lovecraft

So Fast, So Maybe

Photography: Ken Robsten Swen Lee I rarely post dance music, so here’s one for a change :) K. Flay – So Fast, So Maybe (Ryan Crabtree Remix) K. Flay | Ryan Crabtree

Time to Realize

While I’m not really fan of the clip’s theme, Joe being the director means it’s naturally intriguing and well produced; moreover it features a full song from Lemâitre‘s upcoming EP which already is a reason for me to post it. Update: The EP is out now, you can grab it at iTunes. I’ve also included the  Continue reading »


Photography: William James Vincent Broadhurst Till Death‘s “Forever” isn’t anything extravagant, but four minutes of electronic excellence. Till Death – Forever

Sunday Chillin’ #116

Photography: Evan Tetreault Have a nice Sunday! Ulrich Schnauss – … Passing By Four Tet – Iron Man (Black Sabbath Cover) Filip Filipi - Filip’s Revolutionary Etude In D Minor Ulrich Schnauss | Four Tet | Black Sabbath | Filip Filipi


Photography: Anton Jankovoy Ethereal chillwave from LLLL, I highly recommend naming your price for their self-titled EP here. LLLL – Drowned Fish LLLL – Falling Alone

Grand Ssporklingh

Photography: Shania Safira Two beat-filled tracks from Tours and Headshotboyz I’ve found and taken liking of the past days. The corresponding single and EP can be acquired here and here. Tours – Grand Lux Headshotboyz – Ssporklingh