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One month of musigh: July of 2012

Work The Middle

Photography: Javier Gil It might not be the most extraordinary song of all time, but I enjoyed every lush second of it. Edit: A kind reader reminded me that I’ve posted this a few months ago. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Andrea - Work the Middle (Real Remix) Andrea | Real


Art: Matthew DiVito I find myself changing back to this track from Pyrax every time it ends. Pyrax – Megaman P.S.: This may be the only time I used an animated GIF as a picture — in any case, I really like Matthew’s work.

Sunday Chillin’ #124

Photography: Tatiana Volontir Have a nice Sunday! XXYYXX – Alexis Aria Rostami – Black Ring Violent Public Disorderaz - Whiskey Sessions (Revolted Child Remix) XXYYXX | Aria Rostami | Violent Public Disorderaz | Revolted Child

Django Style

Photography: Jaclyn Sollars Probably a homage to Django Reinhardt, Michael Fraser‘s “Django Style” gives gypsy music a modern and very catchy feel. Michael Fraser – Django Style


Photography: Stoncel Groovy, nice and mellow, just the way I like it! Panama – Magic (Midnight Magic Remix) Panama | Midnight Magic


Photography: To the Lighthouse New Carnivals, couldn’t wait till Sunday with this :) Carnivals – Departners

Cillo #2

Photography: Stephan Bruckner I can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I’ve last featured Cillo. One Sixth Of Tommy – It’s Alright (Cillo Remix) Of Monsters And Men - Yellow Light (Cillo Remix) Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Butterfly Culture (Cillo Remix) One Sixth Of Tommy | Of Monsters And Men | Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Boogie Belgique

Photography: Richard I love this man’s style! More Boogie Belgique‘s here and a free LP here ;) Boogie Belgique – The Spanish Count Boogie Belgique – Don’t Mean A Thing Boogie Belgique – Moriarty

Sunday Chillin’ #123

Photography: Sasha Nikitin Have a nice Sunday! Múm - 0,000Orð Eaves – Leavings Dead Rat Orchestra - The Geshin And The Guga Múm | Eaves | Dead Rat Orchestra

Julien Villa

Photography: process1 Unique and quality production by Julien Villa, I can only recommend picking up his EP here. Julien Villa – Mwellow Julien Villa – Oprahz