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One month of musigh: October of 2012

Punch Drunk On Black Mold

Art: homentashen This song from Absofacto is quickly becoming my current favorite indie one; it’s got great vocals, momentum and melodies all around. Absofacto – Punch Drunk On Black Mold

Robot Orchestra

Photography: Philip Rouse Beatmaker Robot Orchestra has not only quantity but quality as well. You can find all his releases on Bandcamp with a one dollar or less price tag on them. Robot Orchestra – Robot Anthem Robot Orchestra – The Joke’s On You Robot Orchestra – Mr Eggwhite’s Dream

Sunday Chillin’ #139

Photography: Oleg Oprisco Have a nice Sunday! Moody Womb – Mutual Neurosis Yuna – Lullabies (Jim-E Stack Remix) Radio for the Daydreamers – Wasted Faces (Seiswork Remix) Moody Womb | Yuna | Jim-E Stack | Radio for the Daydreamers | Seiswork

Shades Crush My Megadrive

Photography: chih chen Assembling senseless titles is always fun. So are these tracks. Kill Paris – Shades of Funk  2080 – My Megadrive (Royal Ties Remix) Rush Midnight – Crush (Prod. Twin Shadow) Kill Paris | 2080 | Royal Ties | Rush Midnight | Twin Shadow


Photography: Théo Gosselin I really like this track, 2-step with the right amount of emotion included. REKchampa – Collapsin REKchampa | Via

Concrete Wall

Photography: Katja Mustaniemi After listening to this the original suddenly feels very watered-down. Zee Avi – Concrete Wall (Pumpkin Remix) Zee Avi | Pumpkin


Art: Kilian Eng Futurecop!, then and now ♥ Futurecop! – N.A.S.A Futurecop! – John Hughes (Teenage Love)

Let’s Go Home

Photography: dillan4c I’ve felt a little out of touch with Sound Remedy‘s recent remixes, but this one with Carousel‘s “Let’s Go Home” is just amazing. Carousel – Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sunday Chillin’ #138

Photography: Dasha Have a nice Sunday! Evil Needle – Falling Leaves Leno Lovecraft – Song From A Lost Tape #1 Erik Jackson - Through The Storm (Elevator Phase Remix) Evil Needle | Leno Lovecraft | Erik Jackson | Elevator Phase


Photography: Nalo Souleyman ill.Gates is giving away his entire “The ill.Methodology” LP in exchange for an email address here, ’cause he’s awesome like that. ill.Gates & Filastine – Pharma Sutra AMB - Chainhop (ill.Gates’ Chainstep Remix) ill.Gates - Pick It Up (feat. Bakaman & Masia One) Filastine | AMB | Bakaman | Masia One