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One month of musigh: October of 2012


Photography: Christopher The Royal Concept, delightfully indie. The Royal Concept – Goldrushed

Pipes Follow Daybreak

Photography: Luke Byrne Nothing can beat the originals but these make damn fine alternatives. (Minus “Daybreak” as it’s technically an original.) Ratatat - Loud Pipes (tENr Remix) Overwerk - Daybreak (GoPro HERO3 Edit) Crystal Fighters - Follow (Monolith Remix) Ratatat | tENr | Overwerk | Crystal Fighters | Monolith


Photography: Hrystia Kaminska A calm and elegant, all in all very well-made remix. Jubilants – Spain (Salad Remix) Jubilants | Salad

Lest Diet

Photography: nicolasv Woo some filter house to brighten my day :) Lest Diet – Laked Nadies Lest Diet – Pudding It On (Mark Slavin Extra Raw Remix) Lest Diet | Mark Slavin

Sunday Chillin’ #137

Photography: Phillip Schumacher Have a nice Sunday! Teen Daze - Discipleship Giyo – Summer Breeze (Set Sail) Hidden Orchestra – The Burning Circle Teen Daze | Giyo | Hidden Orchestra


Photography: Baie. So true and hilarious. FIDLAR – AWWWKWAARRRDDD (ft. Kate Na$h) FIDLAR | Kate Nash | Via

Forever & Ever

Photography: Unknown A melancholic trip into this afternoon with none other than Boogie Belgique. Boogie Belgique – Forever & Ever

Love Is All I Got

Photography: Rona Keller Feed Me‘s got the beats, Crystal Fighters‘ got the vocals… what a perfect combination, even if it’s essentially a pop song. This and its remix EP are out later this day in November on iTunes. Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got

Catching Flies

Photography: jonny_weissmueller I hope no one minds some mid-week chillin’ :) Catching Flies‘ EP can be downloaded for free at Bandcamp. Catching Flies – The Stars Mt. Wolf – Life Size Ghosts (Catching Flies Remix) Coldplay | Mt. Wolf


Photography: Aintzane Adele‘s “Skyfall” has been unveiled, and (unsurprisingly enough) the first wave of remixes are already here for you to take or leave. Adele – Skyfall (Theatre of Delays Remix) Adele – Skyfall (Azedia Remix) Theatre of Delays | Azedia