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One month of musigh: November of 2012

We Come Running

Photography: Thomas Frost Jensen Oh, that synthline.. expected nothing less from The Knocks :) Youngblood Hawke – We Come Running (The Knocks Remix) Youngblood Hawke | Via

Dance It, Dance All

Photography: Jeen Na I can’t get over the fact that these two remixes are of the same original. The Easton Ellises – Dance It, Dance All (Funkt Remix) The Easton Ellises – Dance It, Dance All (Motel Costes Mix) The Easton Ellises | Funkt

After Hours

New OVERWERK EP. It’s full of awesome. You can get it here. OVERWERK – Daybreak OVERWERK – Relapse OVERWERK – Waves

Pyramid #3

Photography: Nuno Serrão It feels good to be posting Pyramid again. Pyramid – Black Road Lifelike – Getting High (Pyramid Remix)

The Bartender

Photography: greg pths I can’t really get enough of Boogie Belgique. Boogie Belgique – The Bartender

Sunday Chillin’ #143

Photography: Nicola Odemann Have a nice Sunday! Tammio – Russian Soul Stumbleine – Fade Into You (ft. Steffaloo) Ultraísta – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix) Tammio | Stumbleine | Ultraísta | Maribou State

Hazy Mountains

Photography: Ali Scott Hazy Mountains‘ music is falls somewhere around the shoegaze genre, and he successfully uses the ethereal sounds to achieve something powerful. His first LP “Breeze” is available for purchase at Bandcamp. Hazy Mountains – Deep Hazy Mountains – Shallow Sea Hazy Mountains – Cowering Sound

Blue Satellite #3

Photography: Buzz Andersen The other day I’ve found a Blue Satellite track on my player and remembered how awesome his music was… and it still is. Blue Satellite – Jetlag Kylie Minogue – Put Your Hands Up (Blue Satellite Instrumental Remix)

Melancholy of Mine Mixtape

musigh – melancholy of mine mixtape Artist Song Featured The Cardigans Paralyzed Housemeister What You Want (Siriusmo Remix) Here Metronomy Radio Ladio (Micachu Remix) Here Jogger Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix) Here Crystal Castles Courtship Dating Here Gorillaz El Manana (Metronomy Remix) Kleerup Until We Bleed (ft. Lykke Li) Regina Spektor Genius Next Door CocoRosie  Continue reading »

Love, Sparrow, Die

Photography: Clemens Fantur Three approaches to electronic, all are to my liking — hopefully yours too. Unlike Pluto – Jack Sparrow Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Error Operator Remix) Gabrielle Aplin – The Power Of Love (AZEDIA Remix) Unlike Pluto | Lana Del Rey | Error Operator | Gabrielle Aplin | AZEDIA