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One month of musigh: November of 2012

Fall Down

Photography: Eylül Aslan I’m not that fan of the vocals actually, but the very Justice/Daft Punk-like compositions throughout the track instead. Electric Joy Ride ft. Brenton Mattheus – Fall Down (Pistol Shrimp Remix) Electric Joy Ride | Brenton Mattheus | Pistol Shrimp

Sunday Chillin’ #142

Photography: Esben Bøg Have a nice Sunday! Quoii – The Curious Cat Beyond Theory – Touch Life Alek Fin – Waiting Like A Wolf Quoii | Beyond Theory | Alek Fin

San Francisco

Photography: Unknown This is one contagiously cheerful song :) The Mowgli’s – San Francisco (Little Daylight Remix) The Mowgli’s | Little Daylight

Fly Lovely Moonlight

Photography: Evgeny Rodin I apologize for the complete lack of coherency, but I’m both in a hurry and wouldn’t skip another day’s post. Enjoy! Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle (Psymbionic Remix) Young Wolf Hatchlings & Thomas D’Arcy – You Lovely You Flight Facilities ft. Christine Hoberg - Clair De Lune (Deptune Remix) Steve Miller Band  Continue reading »


Photography: Rasmus Hartikainen Haywyre‘s music ranges from laid-back tunes through heavy beats to colorful electro, always bringing something new along the way. All of his releases can be bought (and some even downloaded for free) here. Thanks goes to Jackson for the suggestion. Haywyre – Duality Haywyre – Interlude Haywyre – Raw Crunch


Photography: fargyml Ten years old but still full of energy. By Susumu Hirasawa from the Millenium Actress OST. Susumu Hirasawa – Run

Sunday Chillin’ #141

Photography: Paulina Have a nice Sunday! Sun Glitters – Mouth Human Pyramids – Tall Tales Photay - I Don’t Live Near The Ocean (ft. Kwajbasket) Sun Glitters | Human Pyramids | Photay | Kwajbasket

Northern Introvert

Photography: Paul Cupido Northern Introvert released a brand new album of clear-cut electronica this Monday. It is available to download or buy on Bandcamp and other platforms. Northern Introvert – Theravada Northern Introvert – Vedanta

Noah Hyde

Photography: michel nguie Noah Hyde does a splendid job at showing any song’s (more) electronic side. On an unrelated note, there shouldn’t be any “What’s on your mind?” comments from now on. Cruiser – Don’t Go Alone (Noah Hyde Remix) Youth Lagoon – Daydream (Noah Hyde Remix) Purity Ring - Obedear (Noah Hydes Magic Sword Remix)  Continue reading »

Paris La Commodore Girl

Photography: Angela I’ve been meaning to post all of these for a long time, but better late than never — especially when it’s songs like these. Killtronik – Paris La Nuit Boogie Belgique – Commodore Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Bulletproof Girl Killtronik | Boogie Belgique | Letting Up Despite Great Faults