2012 wasn’t exactly the year of music, at the very least for the blog and me. I was both fairly busy and unmotivated throughout the year, for which I sincerely take all blame you send my way. However, there was still much great music to be found and posted, and I hope you guys enjoyed even if just a fraction of them.

Without further ado, here are this year’s “choices” from me:

Album: Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

Alt-J‘s debut album was a truly breath of fresh air among the well-known and repeated formulae of the indie rock genre. Along with their genius and perfect execution, it’s no wonder that there came a Mercury Prize.

Honorable mention: EFFI – Astronaut

On the other hand EFFI‘s debut is a very simple indie pop album, but its merits lie in their inexhaustible catchiness (so much that I never find myself skipping a single track once I start listening to it).

EP: Lemâitre – Relativity 1

The EP spot is reserved for Lemâitre not because my connection with them, but because it’s still they who produce that pop flavoured electro on a level that you can’t find anywhere else.

Honorable mention: LLLL – LLLL

LLLL‘s music might sound unconventional at first, but if not dismissed, it becomes a bliss to listen to.

Song: KO KO – Float

Incidentally, the band KO KO changed their name to Pacific Air, and also changed around this song for the very slightly worse (in my opinion). That aside, the song is nothing less than a perfect alignment of vocals and melodies.

Honorable mention: Trails & Ways – Mtn Tune

A true indie song with everything to warm your heart up.

Remix: Capsule – Feelin’ Alright (Golden Guitar Remix)

I have a weak spot for feel-good tracks, and this take from Golden Guitar is definitely an amazing one — like blending Shinichi Osawa together with.. well, Capsule.

Honorable mention: One Sixth of Tommy – It’s Alright (Cillo Remix)

I’m a bit hesitant about what to say here, because I have honestly no idea how the original sounds like. In any case, Cillo‘s remix has both the mellow setting and the electronic touch that I adore so much.

Producer: Boogie Belgique

There are no doubt many producers deserving attention this year, but I’d like to highlight Boogie Belgique not only because of his consistently stellar work, but also for popularizing the electro swing genre, which I feel has much potential and would be excited to see it become a prevalent (if not mainstream) genre.

Photography: Untitled by Vanessa Paxton

The contrast of beauty, nature and its destruction, yet harmony in colors makes this the most breathtaking photography I’ve seen all year.

Thank you for reading (or not), see you in the next year! ;)