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One month of musigh: January of 2013

Sunday Chillin’ #151

Photography: Julie Ann Tingley Have a nice Sunday! Romo – Cloudy Kara-Lis Coverdale – Vessels Younghoon Beats - Only You Romo | Kara-Lis Coverdale | Younghoon Beats


A reader’s tattoo Woo, ‘musigh’ has turned 3 years old! I’d just like to say that you guys are awesome. I know I don’t appreciate it enough, but it’s your comments, hearts, suggestions, likes, tweets, stories etc. what make me keep going. Thank you for being here. Since a very few of you have asked  Continue reading »


Photography: Luke Byrne Youth Lagoon‘s “Dropla” is unexpectedly captivating; definitely a new favorite from the bluer side of indie. Youth Lagoon – Dropla

Blende & Surrender!

Photography: Aleks Ivic Blende & Surrender! demonstrate magnificently that there’s still left of that amazing French electro sound in our days. Blende & Surrender! – Synapse Blende & Surrender! – Circus

Depression Royale

Photography: Marieke Donders Don’t let the title fool you, this is actually a positively upbeat piece of greatness found on De-Phazz‘s “Natural Fake” LP. De-Phazz – Depression Royale


Photography: Theo Gosselin I considered leaving this for Sunday, but it’s just too nice to be left waiting. Voyager‘s very first original, its only fault being not lasting twice as long. Voyager – Nothing

Asleep On White Pearl

Photography: Decatur Wilson Jr. Two tracks to satisfy my feel-good needs, from the vaults of Redback Records. Oxford – White Pearl Avantime – Asleep On The Beach Oxford | Avantime

Sunday Chillin’ #150

Photography: Mariam Sitchinava Have a nice Sunday! Houses – Soak It Up Bogatzke - Only Real When Shared Kindness – House (Dadaisme’s Covered Perversion) Houses | Bogatzke | Kindness | Dadaisme

Bit Funk

Photography: Timothy Evans The last time I featured Bit Funk with the “It’s Over” remix was back in the early days, when I was still posting at YouTube. I’m glad to see that he’s still going strong. Bit Funk – The Long Road Ahead LexiconDon - Student Body (Bit Funk Remix) We Are The Take – It’s Over (Bit  Continue reading »

Ballad of the Golden Hour

Photography: rainsoaked A charming song by Widowspeak that turns fairly rock-like at the end. I don’t really mind though. Widowspeak – Ballad of the Golden Hour