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One month of musigh: February of 2013

The Lovers’ Suicide

Photography: Jeremy and Claire Wess I’ll just leave this unbelievably dreamy pop rock song of The Bilinda Butchers here while I catch up with the rest of my mail. You can order the physical here! The Bilinda Butchers – The Lovers’ Suicide!


K.Flay is quickly becoming my favorite female MC with her new “West Ghost” mixtape. You can and should download it here if you don’t dislike the tracks below! K.Flay – The Cops K.Flay – Fuck & Run K.Flay – West Ghost (ft. Allen Stone)

Sunday Chillin’ #156

Photography: Tara Biglari Today is my 22nd and Sunday Chillin’s 3rd birthday. Have a nice Sunday! Martin Kay – Undone Voyager - Plastic Bags Daughter – Love (Synkro Edit) Roku – Not Enough Seoul (Intro) Soko - People Always Look Better in the Sun (Part 1) Martin Kay | Voyager | Daughter | Synkro | Roku | Soko

Hey Hey

Photography: Andrew Kodama Just a quick electro house track before I head out, I think it kinda grew on me. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Madeaux Remix) Dennis Ferrer | Madeaux


Lemâitre‘s single from the upcoming EP accompanied by Joe‘s video. Enjoy! Lemâitre – Continuum

Silver Day In Kobenhavn

Photography: Ingeborg Klarenberg I’m not sure why am I doing this at 2 3 AM, but I guess these tracks really worth the effort. La Main – Kobenhavn Fantasy Camp – Better Day Felix Da Housecat – Silver Screen (Oxford remix) La Main | Fantasy Camp | Felix Da Housecat | Oxford


Photography: Seth Rader I haven’t heard of Magic Man for so long! Three years and three additional band members later, this is their first song with all the synth, pop and catchiness you could need :) Magic Man – Paris

Synthesis of Magnetic

Art: Kilian Eng Oh this French touch, amazing! Đeluce - Synthesis of Magnetic (CatComplex Remix) Đeluce | CatComplex

Sunday Chillin’ #155

Photography: Viola Cangi Have a nice Sunday! Qtier – Drift Ambiante – Can U Röyksopp – Poor Leno (Selector Retrodisco Edit) Qtier | Ambiante | Röyksopp | Selector Retrodisco

Fvcking Crazy

Photography: Casey The lyrics are dark and explicit, with the pulsating rhythm they all come together in a captivating result. K.Flay - Fvcking Crazy (ft. Eligh & Grieves) K.Flay | Eligh | Grieves