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One month of musigh: March of 2013

Sunday Chillin’ #161

Photography: Philipp Bartz Have a nice Sunday! LTR – Ending Bonobo – Emkay Bruks Production – Dark Star LTR | Bonobo | Bruks Production

Euphoria Quest Together

Photography: Ann&May And yet another threes — there’s a surprising influx of good tunes nowadays — now from the electro(nic) branch. Enjoy! Aiur – Euphoria Inspir – Better Together Sega Bodega – Luxor Quest I & II Aiur | Inspir | Sega Bodega

Foreign Texas Bends

Photography: Tyler Craft Here’s some old-fashioned indie for a change :) Wire – Love Bends Magic Man – Texas Radiation City – Foreign Bodies Wire | Magic Man | Radiation City

Scene Fade Outro

Photography: Kylie Petrie A fairly random selection but I’m having a great time with them anyway. Vulfpeck – Outro Vitalic – Fade Away (C2C Remix) Satellite Stories – Helsinki Art Scene (Nightbox Remix) Vulfpeck | Vitalic | C2C | Satellite Stories | Nightbox


Photography: Carrie Kaytranada‘s lush beats fit Janet Jackson‘s voice so well that I don’t even mind the whole R&B feel to the track. Janet Jackson – If (Kaytranada Remix Extended Version) Janet Jackson | Kaytranada


Photography: Tack51 WE SINK shape anything they see fit into their bleepy style, to much of my delight. Thanks goes to a reader wishing to stay anonymous for the suggestion. Digits – Where Do You Belong (WE SINK Remix) M.A BEAT! – Jailbait (WE SINK’s Grog Blossom Remix) Hannah Georgas – Enemies (WE SINK Unofficial  Continue reading »

Sunday Chillin’ #160

Photography: Alison Scarpulla Have a nice Sunday! Paiton – Slide Out Cosmo Sheldrake – Rich (feat. Anna Roo) Arktika – The Living Receiver (Bogatzke Remix) Paiton | Cosmo Sheldrake | Anna Roo | Arktika | Bogatzke


Photography: Unknown Synths and pipes make my heart go warm and fuzzy. Rhye – Open (WMNSTUDIES Bootleg) Rhye | WMNSTUDIES

Smokey Joe & The Kid

Photography: Emmanuel Rosario Smokey Joe & The Kid know what’s up with dubs and beats. Dirty Honkers – Sugar (Smokey Joe & The Kid Remix) AlgoRythmiK – Andrew’s Break (Smokey Joe & The Kid Remix) Jungle Book – The Monkey Song (Smokey Joe & The Kid Remix) Dirty Honkers | AlgoRythmiK | Jungle Book


Photography: Isabelle Dow Overwerk‘s “12:30” sounds like an offspring of ABBA‘s “Gimme Gimme Gimme!” riff and Justice‘s “Genesis”. I’m not complaining one bit. Overwerk – 12:30