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One month of musigh: May of 2013

Stolen Dance

Photography: Jocelyn Catterson Somewhat melancholic, but actually very catchy and dancable song with a sweet guitar riff all along its way; I’m not going to put it off repeat any time soon. Checking up on Milky Chance‘s other songs, they are all amazing, and apparently his debut album is out today on iTunes, so get  Continue reading »

Concept Mission

Photography: SamAlive A selection of three exuberant jams. Ginuwine – Pony (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix) Katy B – Katy On A Mission (Captain Planet Remix) Robert DeLong – Global Concepts (The Golden Pony Remix) Ginuwine | Viceroy | Katy B | Captain Planet | Robert DeLong | The Golden Pony

Left Boy’s Coming

Photography: Julia Trotti Good to hear that Left Boy is still awesome :) Left Boy – Left Boy’s Coming

This Love

Photography: Vic. 夏 I have love for this. Julia Stone – This Love (Egokind Edit) Julia Stone | Egokind

Bluebird Rosie

Photography: El Ronzo Today I have (kinda) purposefully went out looking for electro-swing tunes. I’m quite satisfied with the result. P.S.: I might or might not post in the next two days, please excuse the quality and quantity in advance. Odjbox – Bluebird Jamie Berry – M.A.B. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Jive – Rosie Odjbox  Continue reading »

Sunday Chillin’ #169

Photography: Buenaventura Marco Have a nice Sunday! OMN – Betwixt Anitek – Last Stop BigBear – Durante Alice Boman – Skiss 3 Manners – Some Nights Charles Murdoch – No Lungs OMN | Anitek | BigBear | Alice Boman | Manners | Charles Murdoch


Photography: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center I’ll be just leaving this synth-housey brilliance by Emeron & Fox here :) Emeron & Fox – N.O.V.A (Vocal Mix)

Oskar Schuster #2

Photography: Li Hui Oskar Schuster has sent me his latest song “Stjernen” — supported by Possimiste‘s charming vocals — the other day, and so checking up on his Soundcloud I found two of his instrumental works I missed since last time I featured him. Needless to say they are amazing. Oskar Schuster – Vleurgat Oskar Schuster  Continue reading »

Wing Clipper

Photography: jeroenmylle A minimalistic but wonderful, almost theatrical song from producer-vocalist duo Whilk and Miskey. Whilk and Miskey – Wing Clipper


Photography: Sandra Freij Just a swell swing-step song coming from Smokey Joe & The Kid. Smokey Joe & The Kid – Schön