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One month of musigh: October of 2013

Are You Splitting

Art: elk64 Wow I really have no time at all! So this is how I felt today: Kid Atlaas – Are You Ready Lemâitre – Splitting Colors (Club Mix) Lost Midas – Dance Monkeys (feat. NüTrik) Kid Atlaas | Lemâitre | Lost Midas | NüTrik

Gabriel Gassi

Photography: Liza Shelestun Thumbs up for Gabriel Gassi, these synths are crazy (good)! I am working full-time starting today. Let’s hope I can keep up ;) Urban Cone – Deja Vú (Gabriel Gassi Remix) Join The Riot – Karotte (Gabriel Gassi Remix) Colleagues – Parents’ House (Gabriel Gassi Remix) Urban Cone | Join The Riot | Colleagues

Sunday Chillin’ #191

Photography: Kevin Russ Aleos – Things You See Cancellieri – Storyteller Bon Iver – Towers (I, Aeronaut Remix) Aleos | Cancellieri | Bon Iver | I, Aeronaut

Black Ballet

Art: RedXen An electronic epic from Theatre Of Delays that definitely worth the €1 you can pick it at Bandcamp for. Theatre Of Delays – Black Ballet

Follow Me

Photography: Basheer Tome A few nice and groovy tracks from Follow Me :) Follow Me – Somethin’ Bout You Johnny Stimson – Daddy’s Money (Follow Me Remix) Equal ft. Gary Jules – Lost In The Evening (Follow Me Remix) Johnny Stimson | Equal | Gary Jules


Photography: Mackensie Noelle As it turns out French Horn Rebellion and Solidisco make for an unstoppable nu disco combo. French Horn Rebellion – Caaalifornia (Solidisco Remix)


Photography: Tim Navis Retrograde collaborated with his other project Dream Logic for this track, and the result is a good balance of indie and electronic to enjoy. Dream Logic – Expectations (ft. Retrograde)

Fishing #2

Photography: Rasmus Hartikainen Woooah FISHING is finally on Soundcloud! And (mostly) all of their past releases are downloadable?! I am seriously hyped ♥ ♥ ♥ Edit: “Insane” is now downloadable! FISHING – TLC Flume – Insane (FISHING Remix) FISHING – Who Sez (Selena Gomez) Flume | Selena Gomez

Sunday Chillin’ #190

Photography: Kevin Russ Have a nice Sunday! Double Lyfe – Love Can Die Knotted Sheets – A Little Second Of You Broken Social Scene – Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl Double Lyfe | Knotted Sheets | Broken Social Scene

Better Off Alone

Art: Spin World Another heartfelt creation of Spazzkid — how was he able to derive this from the original boggles my mind, too. Spazzkid – Better Off Alone (Alice DeeJay Cover)