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Photography: señoritɑ m The worst thing about music blogging is turning down submissions, so when Alphabet Pony emailed me his new track I actually felt uncomfortable for not liking it (I find brass instruments in electronic music off-putting for some reason, with some exceptions). But then I checked his Soundcloud to make sure, and I found  Continue reading »


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Photography: sparth Now that the fuss about Caribou’s “Sun” has died down, here are my favorite picks: Caribou – Sun (Altrice’s Only What You Gave Me Remix) Caribou – Sun (The Tremulance Remix) Caribou – Sun (Bamenda Remix) Altrice | The Tremulance | Bamenda And also Alphabet Pony’s that he made public a few days  Continue reading »

Megapost #3

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Photography: Rebecka Bjurmell I hope you missed this — I know I did. Alphabet Pony mailed me his latest creation, the vocal takes its time as usual but it’s a gem nonetheless. Alphabet Pony – Clones Amazing single by Freestylers, Ctrl-Z’s remix wins by a hair compared to Flux Pavillion’s. Buy here. (Props to Jack  Continue reading »

Alphabet Pony

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Photography: Gabriel Mond I wish I’d find amazing music like Alphabet Pony‘s every single day ♥ Alphabet Pony – Atoms Alphabet Pony – Pythons Alphabet Pony – Penelope Beat Alphabet Pony – Silent Excuses