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Sunday Chillin’ #147

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Photography: Matt Caplin Have a nice Sunday! Cold Fingers – Carving Lovers (exclusive) Ribbonmouthrabbit - The Prideaux Manifesto Melodium - Kissing Disease (Alternative Version) Bibio | Cold Fingers | Ribbonmouthrabbit | Melodium

Shuffle #9

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Photography: Teva A bit different kind of Shuffle this time, as these tracks are from the world of hype, but they’re great nevertheless (or because so). Digitalism - Two Hearts Bibio - Take Off Your Shirt Edwin Van Cleef - Lisztomania (feat. Jane Hanley) Digitalism | Bibio | Edwin Van Cleef | Jane Hanley

Sunday Chillin' #14

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Photography: Elle Thanks goes to Tom and CrowLeY for suggesting edIT, as well as Tang for the Bibio song. Posting “Make Love” was inevitable, bear with it. “Sweet Love For Planet Earth” is another ten minutes long track, if you don’t think you have the patience just ignore it. edIT – Dex Bibio – Lover’s Carvings  Continue reading »