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Scour 100

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Photography: Laura Dart & Amos Lanka Truth to be told I knew nothing about Scour Records up until now, but apparently they hit the 100 releases milestone, and alas made a compilation of free tunes available to all current and future fans. All I can say is two thumbs up, and now check out the  Continue reading »

A Record Falls

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Photography: m4tik Boogie is back! A pleasure as always :) Boogie Belgique – A Record Falls

Nightwalker Vol. 1

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Photography: Alexander Boogie Belgique released his new LP today on Dusted Wax Kingdom — a mix of boogie and gloomy that I can only recommend picking up. Boogie Belgique – Piccadilly Boogie Belgique – Travelling Boogie Belgique - A Night With Captain Midnight

Time For A Boogie

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Photography: William James Vincent Broadhurst Boogie Belgique‘s much anticipated second album is now out at Cold Busted! It’s got old and new, ranging from good to amazing, but mostly the latter. I wholeheartedly recommend getting it. P.S.: The awesome people over at Hypem chose ‘musigh’ as their latest blog to feature! Greetings to the curious few who  Continue reading »


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Photography: Kyle Thompson Speaking of the devil, Boogie Belgique has released another great one. You can get it in exchange for one dollar at his Bandcamp. Boogie Belgique – Lucifer

The Bartender

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Photography: greg pths I can’t really get enough of Boogie Belgique. Boogie Belgique – The Bartender

Paris La Commodore Girl

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Photography: Angela I’ve been meaning to post all of these for a long time, but better late than never — especially when it’s songs like these. Killtronik – Paris La Nuit Boogie Belgique – Commodore Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Bulletproof Girl Killtronik | Boogie Belgique | Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Forever & Ever

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Photography: Unknown A melancholic trip into this afternoon with none other than Boogie Belgique. Boogie Belgique – Forever & Ever

Shuffle #32

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Photography: Juli Cementerio Yet another Shuffle, yet another three great tracks, for me at very least. LLLL – Oddness Sun Stains - Fortify Perfect Boogie Belgique – Northern Light LLLL | Sun Stains | Boogie Belgique

Boogie Belgique #2

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Photography: Yiu Today the man behind Boogie Belgique hit me up that he has new tracks out, needless to say they were amazing. Boogie Belgique – Ms. Yutani Boogie Belgique – His Excellency Regrets