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Art: Kilian Eng Revisiting Caribou seems inevitable, one way or Analphabeth. Caribou – Kaili (Analphabeth Remix)


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Photography: sparth Now that the fuss about Caribou’s “Sun” has died down, here are my favorite picks: Caribou – Sun (Altrice’s Only What You Gave Me Remix) Caribou – Sun (The Tremulance Remix) Caribou – Sun (Bamenda Remix) Altrice | The Tremulance | Bamenda And also Alphabet Pony’s that he made public a few days  Continue reading »


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Photography: Ashley I haven’t heard of Claptrap just until yesterday, but it’s a name to remember from now on. You can listen to more of his music at Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Claptrap – Motif, Eden Caribou – Sun (Claptrap Remix) (exclusive) The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Claptrap Remix) Caribou | The Temper Trap


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[youtube=] Caribou – Odessa MySpace