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Sunday Chillin’ #211

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Photohraphy: Randy P. Martin Have a nice Sunday! P.S.: I finally changed the player colors. If you still see the black player a hard refresh (Crtl + F5 usually) should do the trick. Maybe one day the hearts will work, too? Daughter – Smother (Tennyson Remix) Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) Pullahs –  Continue reading »

Autumn Cleaning

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Photography: Alexandre WD Full list after the jump. Enjoy! All in one

So Don’t Go

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Photography: Maria Kazvan Three graceful deep house tracks to make this day complete. Lane 8 – So Much Justin Martin – Don’t Go Daughter – Youth (Alle Farben Remix) Lane 8 | Justin Martin | Daughter | Alle Farben

Unstoppable Medicine Tree

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Photography: Naveen Jamal Three delightful snippets from the world of electronic music. Enerate – Unstoppable Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) Rudi Zygadlo ft. YADi - Banana Tree (PhOtOmachine Remix) Enerate | Daughter | Sound Remedy | Rudi Zygadlo | YADi | PhOtOmachine

Sunday Chillin’ #156

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Photography: Tara Biglari Today is my 22nd and Sunday Chillin’s 3rd birthday. Have a nice Sunday! Martin Kay – Undone Voyager - Plastic Bags Daughter – Love (Synkro Edit) Roku – Not Enough Seoul (Intro) Soko - People Always Look Better in the Sun (Part 1) Martin Kay | Voyager | Daughter | Synkro | Roku | Soko

Sunday Chillin’ #98

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Photography: atomic turquoise Have a nice Sunday! Daughter – Love Bear Driver – Never Never Faron Square – Sugar Shake Daughter | Bear Driver | Faron Square