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Photography: Jonathan Duriaux Two simple but great songs featuring Steffaloo‘s vocals: one by herself, the other by Diamond Messages. Steffaloo – Would You Stay Diamond Messages – You Were The One

Sunday Chillin’ #128

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Photography: wakingphotolife Have a nice Sunday! Diamond Messages – The Look Conner Youngblood - The Warpath Bon Iver – Perth (Nuck Chorris Remix) Diamond Messages | Conner Youngblood | Bon Iver | Nuck Chorris

Sunday Chillin’ #46

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Photography: Ashli Hunt You can buy “The Last Survivor” OST, composed by Keith Kenniff here, download Hypoetical’s album here, and buy Diamond Messages’ “Smoke & Mirrors” EP here. Have a nice Sunday. Keith Kenniff – Receives Hypoetical – Reminds Me Of Dennis Diamond Messages – Liquid Summer

Rich & Pennyless

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Art: Adan & Eve were kitsch as well A blissful Diamond Messages remix and a tense, dark original from Rich & Pennyless. Diamond Messages – Boys In Grey Shirts (Rich & Pennyless Remix) Rich & Pennyless – The Safety Dance