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Tag archives: Florence + the Machine

Produce & Destroy

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Photography: Fragile Wings There are already a few hundred Daft Punk / Florence remixes, so no one will mind a few more from Produce & Destroy, right? Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (Produce & Destroy Remix) Florence + the Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Produce & Destroy Remix)

Clement Roussel

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Photography: Ben Evans Clement Roussel of Iron Toyz has gone solo about two days ago, but is already dishing out some excellent tunes. Enjoy! Iron Toyz – Pacific Boat Square Mode – One Way (Clement Roussel Remix) Florence + the Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Clement Roussel Remix) Florence + the Machine | Square Mode

Love’s Got You

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Photography: Lovisa Ingman Lo-fi, unusual, and pretty much amazing. Florence + the Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Alexqbit Edit) Florence + the Machine | Alexqbit | Via

Afraid of Home

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Art: Mikkel Sommer Instrumental and synth-heavy, positively sick music from Glasgow based producer HaHaHa. If you feel brave enough, you can listen to the rest of his “Evil” EP here, or even buy it when it comes out on the very day of Halloween. HaHaHa – Afraid Of Sharks HaHaHa – Do Not Go Home  Continue reading »

Florence + the P.E.S.T

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Here’s P.E.S.T with two quality Florence + the Machine remixes. More P.E.S.T on Soundcloud and YouTube, show them some love. Florence + the Machine – Cosmic Love (P.E.S.T Remix) Florence + the Machine – Rabbit Heart (P.E.S.T Remix)