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Inverness #5

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Photography: Lara Algere Inverness had two things released since last time I’ve checked on him: this amazingly mellow song made in collaboration with The Oneiroscopist, and another EP full of those odd beats that I’ve always liked. You can pay for and/or download both here. Inverness & The Oneiroscopist – Pimpsuit Inverness - Ensconced Foragings Linger  Continue reading »

Inverness #4

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Photography: Jacobo Zanella Wow, Inverness has just released an album and a collab EP. His tunes are stellar as always. Inverness – The Fade Inverness – Paisley Inverness – Falcor

Inverness #3

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Photography: vovesdyh Inverness gave me a heads up on his new tunes — they’re nothing short of amazing. Inverness – May Flowers Inverness – Old And Lame Inverness – A Little Bit of Swing

Inverness #2

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Photography: Maya Karkalicheva Remember Inverness? The guy finally set up a Soundcloud account. Here are two smooth tracks from there, make sure to check out the rest! Inverness St – Electrostep Inverness St – SLip


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Photography: Andréia Takeuchi A few days ago I recieved the most concise email ever, containing “..” and the track you can see below. While I couldn’t find anything about the artist, and the song’s title a bit awkward too, it is definitely epic — in the word’s both traditional and non-traditional sense. Inverness – Pop  Continue reading »