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Un Avenir Tout Tracé

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Art: Filipe Andrade Janski Beeeats‘ new EP release is more than a week away but I cannot contain my excitement. It is wholly available for streaming here, and despite being riddled with more remixes than not, it’s a blast. Janski Beeeats - Un Avenir Tout Tracé (Biomud Version)

Janski Beeeats #2

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Photography: Nitrok One year later: I randomly check Janski Beeeats only to find out that his music has turned from ‘pretty good’ into ‘oh wow’. Janski Beeeats – Dumbstep Janski Beeeats – Sick Ballad Janski Beeeats – Completely Nuts Janski Beeeats – The Boring Trance

Janski Beeeats

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Janski’s bringing us 8bit-ish French electro, nothing to not love about it. You’ll be able to buy his “Game Planet” EP here.. I think. Plus here’s his comic if you speak French, looks awesome enough. Janski Beeeats – Balloons Janski Beeeats – Tous les Méchants Doivent Mourir