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[vimeo 32617386?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 570 320] Joe‘s latest creation, music by Tailors, loving both entirely. The song is still in the works, but check back on Sunday and it might just be here ;) Edit: They tweeted at me with a “maybe”, so nothing certain but I’ll put it up ASAP! Edit 2: It’s finally here, big  Continue reading »

Come Again

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[vimeo 16140069 570 285] Lemâitre and Joe never cease to amaze me, they’re back with a new song and a wonderfully weird video, “Come Again”. Also expect more Lemâitre awesomeness next week ;) Lemâitre – Come Again (exclusive)

Video Premiere: “Unclouded Judgement”

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[vimeo 14805201 570 285] Official video of Lemâitre‘s “Unclouded Judgement”, directed and filmed by Johannes Greve Muskat. You can find the song here if you’ve missed it ;)

I Blame Sky Ferreira

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[vimeo 14070117 570 285] Coco Sumner – daughter of Sting it figures – is a girl you should keep an eye out for. She already has two singles out under the name “I Blame Coco”, and a debut album is coming right up in October. You might’ve already heard La Roux‘s “Self Machine” remix in  Continue reading »

Day 1: Joe is (still) awesome

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[vimeo url= w=570&h=285] There’s no denying that Johannes Greve Muskat is the most awesome person ever lived. If he got a penny every time I thanked him, he’d be a millionaire. The video was completely his idea, and it’s simply amazing. You might ask, “what’s that ‘Day 1′ in the title?” This week, I’m going  Continue reading »


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[vimeo url= w=570&h=285] I admit songs with “robotic” vocals are not my favorite, but still, there are a few good ones that don’t annoy the hell out of me. Joe found one and made a snippet of it (see above), the second is from the SXSW showcase, the third is a “remix” of the popular  Continue reading »

Video premiere: "Demon" by Joe

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[youtube=] Some of you might remember Mouth’s Cradle, a two-man formation I featured a while ago. I am now proud to present Johannes Greve Muskat‘s (a.k.a. Joe’s) first full-length work, an official music video for their song “Demon”. A quick note about the video that Joe wanted me to share: “Tell them that it didn’t turn out  Continue reading »