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Photography: Victoria Ha, K.Flay has still got it. From her new EP “What If It Is”, out on iTunes. K.Flay – Starfvcker


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K.Flay is quickly becoming my favorite female MC with her new “West Ghost” mixtape. You can and should download it here if you don’t dislike the tracks below! K.Flay – The Cops K.Flay – Fuck & Run K.Flay – West Ghost (ft. Allen Stone)

Fvcking Crazy

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Photography: Casey The lyrics are dark and explicit, with the pulsating rhythm they all come together in a captivating result. K.Flay - Fvcking Crazy (ft. Eligh & Grieves) K.Flay | Eligh | Grieves

So Fast, So Maybe

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Photography: Ken Robsten Swen Lee I rarely post dance music, so here’s one for a change :) K. Flay – So Fast, So Maybe (Ryan Crabtree Remix) K. Flay | Ryan Crabtree