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Sunday Chillin’ #90

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Photography: Aleyn Comprendio Have a nice Sunday! P.S.: Fellow blogger Blake of Pandoric did an interview with me, you can find it here in case you’re interested ;) Kinisi – Weekdaze Sinitus Tempo – New Life I Aeronaut – Backyard of Butterflies Kinisi | Sinitus Tempo | I Aeronaut

Sunday Chillin’ #49

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Photography: Vinzent von Witten The free time resulting from my exams ending totally threw my sense of time off. Hope you don’t mind that additional post though, have a nice Sunday :) Ghost – Bricks Kinisi – A Celestial Path Gavintoo – Over The Rainbow (Remix) Ghost | Kinisi | Gavintoo

Just Wednesday

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Photography: astridpr So I’m not going to start an indie Wednesday, because with obligatory numbered post (i.e.: Sunday Chillin’) I always end up desperately searching for music for literally¬†hours. That doesn’t mean there won’t be indie stuff however, just not consistently. Anyway, let’s have some while we’re at it. Speros of Kinisi sent me over  Continue reading »