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Starshot Cat Waiting For You

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Photography: Katie Sokoler Tasty electronic for the like-minded :) Ducked Ape – Starshot Coyote Kisses – Black Cat Kris Menace ft. Black Hills - Waiting For You (Fingerpaint Remix) Ducked Ape | Coyote Kisses | Kris Menace | Black Hills | Fingerpaint

Luminary Discopolis Concorde

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Photography: Jimmay Bones Just a couple of nice & mellow disco-ish tunes before I go out :) The Victoria’s – Concorde (Funk LeBlanc Remix) Lifelike & Kris Menace – Discopolis (Neptune Safari Remix) Rebecca & Fiona - Luminary Ones (GLOVES’s ‘Beach Slapped’ Remix) The Victoria’s | Funk LeBlanc | Lifelike | Kris Menace | Neptune Safari  Continue reading »


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Photography: Jimmay Bones Fred Falke and Kris Menace, oh so amazing. Fred Falke – Electricity (feat. Kris Menace)

Depeche Mode

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Via: allieology Two godly Depeche Mode remixes, the first is courtesy of KEEP≠REAL, the second is stream only for my own good. Depeche Mode – Peace (Musique Pour des Montagnes Unholy Church Adaptation) Depeche Mode – Fragile Tension (Kris Menace’s Universe Remix) Musique Pour des Montagnes | Kris Menace | Buy