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Are You Splitting

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Art: elk64 Wow I really have no time at all! So this is how I felt today: Kid Atlaas - Are You Ready Lemâitre – Splitting Colors (Club Mix) Lost Midas - Dance Monkeys (feat. NüTrik) Kid Atlaas | Lemâitre | Lost Midas | NüTrik

Hey Now

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Photography: Unknown Lemâitre did this funky remix for Martin Solveig, and I find it to be leagues ahead of the original too. Martin Solveig & The Cataracs – Hey Now feat. Kyle (Lemâitre Remix) The Cataracs | Kyle

Relativity 3

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Lemâitre‘s “Relativity 3″ was released earlier this week, and now with two more songs and a charmingly bittersweet video up for streaming, I thought it was time to make my move. All’s up for purchase at iTunes!  Lemâitre – Fiction  Lemâitre – Cut To Black


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Lemâitre‘s single from the upcoming EP accompanied by Joe‘s video. Enjoy! Lemâitre – Continuum

Relativity 2

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Since I’m still a bit buried under studying and whatnot, and Lemâitre deserves some more support, here’s their overall perfect EP in Soundcloud form. I’ve also included the Uppermost remix because it’s both good and free ;) Lemâitre – Appreciate (Uppermost Remix)

Time to Realize

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While I’m not really fan of the clip’s theme, Joe being the director means it’s naturally intriguing and well produced; moreover it features a full song from Lemâitre‘s upcoming EP which already is a reason for me to post it. Update: The EP is out now, you can grab it at iTunes. I’ve also included the  Continue reading »

Coffee Table

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Photography: Luke Byrne Lemâitre’s new EP is out now on iTunes, out tomorrow on Soundcloud, and yes, it’s amazing. You can also stream the second track from the EP, “Coffee Table” right here, right now. Edit: Actually, they were kind enough to let me put it up as an exclusive download :) Lemâitre – Coffee Table (exclusive)

Excuse Me

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Art: Ache089 I missed Lemâitre‘s new song release via Kitsuné yesterday, but yes, here you go. Great track and grats guys :) Lemâitre – Excuse Me

Friedman’s Lost Tape

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[vimeo 27772434?byline=0&portrait=0 570 320] It’s been eight months since I last heard about Lemâitre. Eight months! That’s a lot actually. Anyhow, they released a teaser of their unreleased tracks just now,  accompanied by Joe’s video full of partying people and whatnot; I can’t wait to hear every one of these all the way. Lemaitre – Teaser (exclusive)


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Photography: Alicia Rey So this is my “best of the year” list, entirely my opinions anyway :) Feel free to post yours if you disagree! Album: Crystal Fighters – Star of Love It’s got indie, it’s got electronic, it’s got dubstep, and much much more. The only two tracks I didn’t like are “I Do  Continue reading »