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Sunday Chillin’ #138

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Photography: Dasha Have a nice Sunday! Evil Needle – Falling Leaves Leno Lovecraft – Song From A Lost Tape #1 Erik Jackson - Through The Storm (Elevator Phase Remix) Evil Needle | Leno Lovecraft | Erik Jackson | Elevator Phase

Sunday Chillin’ #117

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Photography: Michael Gelinas All three releases are superb, you can get them here, here and here. Have a nice Sunday! P.S.: Leno’s is currently unavailable, will try to work it out with him. Ambiante – Horizon Romo – Lounge Music Leno Lovecraft – Paradise Planet Ambiante | Romo | Leno Lovecraft


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[youtube PZcHY-J1ShM 570 352] The video above is Leno’s own creation with a re-re-worked “Princess”, it’s eye-poppingly amazing ♥

Leno Lovecraft Interview & “Cybernetic”

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Photography: Paul Phung I promised there will be more Leno Lovecraft this month, right? First off, here’s a casual Q&A style interview we did over email: Where is the name from? Any relation to H. P. Lovecraft? It’s my real name. I heard you’ve recently moved from New Zealand to Paris, France. Was this because  Continue reading »

Planet Sextron

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Photography: Eliot Lee Hazel Leno Lovecraft is getting ready for an EP (released on the 4th of February), and kindly given its first song “Planet Sextron” away for sharing. I think I’m not expecting a lot of people to get it, I think it’s quite subtly very silly. I guess it’s my sense of humour.  Continue reading »


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Photography: Alicia Rey So this is my “best of the year” list, entirely my opinions anyway :) Feel free to post yours if you disagree! Album: Crystal Fighters – Star of Love It’s got indie, it’s got electronic, it’s got dubstep, and much much more. The only two tracks I didn’t like are “I Do  Continue reading »

Housse De Racket

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Photography: Unknown :( Two beautiful remixes of Housse De Racket, one from master of house (no pun intended) Edwin Van Cleef, and the other is from my most favorite music producer ever, Leno Lovecraft. Housse De Racket – Champions (Edwin Van Cleef Remix) Housse De Racket – Dans l’Avion (Leno Lovecraft Remix)

Rainbow Octopus Explodes

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Take some weirdness, add a little bit Daft Punk and mix it with a huge amount of awesomeness: the result is Leno Lovecraft. If you’ve got $20 to spare buy his album, because it’s music you don’t come by every day. Leno Lovecraft – Princess Leno Lovecraft – Rawww