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Tag archives: Mannequine

Brain Will Wait

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Photography: Unknown :( These familiar names and quality remixes still go hand in hand luckily. Zigitros - Witch Hunt (Mannequine Remix) Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait (Kulkid Remix) Peter & The Magician - On My Brain (Crayon Remix) Zigitros | Mannequine | Mumford & Sons | Kulkid | Peter | The Magician

The Fall

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Photography: Laina Briedis At first I thought this was pretty good, then halfway through it’s giving me goosebumps all of a sudden. Rhye – The Fall (Mannequine Remix) Rhye | Mannequine


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Photography: Astrid Prasetianti Mannequine‘s remixes sound effortlessly better than the originals. Generationals - Greenleaf (Mannequine Remix) Charlotte Gainsbourg - Paradisco (Mannequine Remix) The Rapture - In the Grace of Your Love (Mannequine Piano Remix) Generationals | Charlotte Gainsbourg | The Rapture