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Download To Donate

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If you like Caribou, Linkin Park, Skrillex, The Glitch Mob, Yeasayer, etc., or simply helping people in need, head over to and give up your lunch money to make someone’s life in Haiti a little more sufferable, and to expand your music collection at the same time. Donating the least amount of $10 will  Continue reading »

Shuffle #5

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Photography: Agnes These numbered posts are really growing on me. Anyhow, fun times. M.I.A. – Internet Connection (Shook Remix) Cosmic Dog – Tonight (Zack Christ’s Tirsdagsmix) Metric – Twilight Galaxy (Death To The Throne Remix) M.I.A. | Shook | Cosmic Dog | Zack Christ | Metric | Death To The Throne

Megapost #5

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Art: Paul Mutant It’s been a while. Play-it-all player just right there ↓ Starting with a High Rankin track again, “The Things You Do” is part of the almost too perfect This Is Suicide Dub Vol. 2 compilation. High Rankin – The Things You Do Sidelock is a new dubstep / drum & bass talent from  Continue reading »


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Photography: Alexis Mire I should be studying my brain out.. but it seems that I’d rather waste my time on making a post, so say hello to Krusha. Metric – Help I’m Alive (Krusha Remix) Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait (Krusha Remix) Cassius – I Love You So (Krusha Remix) M83 – We  Continue reading »


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Photography: Michhy Tang Recently, the blog hit a few milestones. While I don’t blog to get publicity (but for my own enjoyment), I’m certainly happy to see if the blog’s going well. First, and most of all, I’m very proud of the community gathered here. My biggest fear when I started the blog was that  Continue reading »

Grow Up And Blow Away

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Model: Lara J. I’ve just found this <insert any synonym of amazing here> remix of Metric‘s “Grow Up And Blow Away” by Undog. Apparently they also run a blog so head over there for more freebies and info about their upcoming gigs and whatnot. Metric – Grow Up And Blow Away (Undog Remix)