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Photography: Kevin Chung I didn’t originally plan to do this because I haven’t had anything specifically in mind for the list, but as per several requests, here it is: Album: M+A – Things.yes I haven’t listened to too many albums that were released in 2011, but and M+A’s debut clearly stood out from the rest.  Continue reading »

The Bay

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Art: Michael Vincent Manalo I absolutely adore this remix, a bit stiff in the beginning only to build such great momentum later on. Metronomy – The Bay (The 2 Bears Remix) Metronomy | The 2 Bears

Taken My Breath Away

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Photography: Maxwell Tomlinson Undoubtedly dark; an absolute gem. Metronomy – Radio Ladio (Micachu Remix) Metronomy | Micachu

The English Riviera

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Photography: Luke Byrne Metronomy’s new album got leaked almost a month ago, but like a good blogger I waited out till it’s officially released (and apparently missed the date by two weeks, hm). Compared to “Nights Out” the new songs are noticeably less chaotic and feature warmer vocals — some of them are even what you  Continue reading »