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American Boys

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Photography: Elias and Theresa Carlson Mouth’s Cradle has released a new album which you can download for completely free here. My choice below! Mouth’s Cradle – American Boys

Mouth’s Cradle vs. The Hype

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As hinted a week ago, Mouth’s Cradle new “mixtape” is out now, with 15 songs that could easily stand on their own. You can download all songs conveniently zipped together here however, all you need to do is to unpack and enjoy. Mouth’s Cradle – Opportunity Knocks Mouth’s Cradle – 180 BPM

Shuffle #4

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Photography: Mischelle Mouth’s Cradle has a new thing out, they bring their usual electronic + rap style, great (albeit a bit short) listen. Their new mixtape is going to be out on the 23rd of November, something to keep in mind. Mouth’s Cradle – The Hype It takes a few listens to get used to  Continue reading »


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Photography: musigh The more I listen to this the more awesome it gets. (Apparently, it’s a “remix” of some song I never heard about, it doesn’t make it less awesome though.) Mouth’s Cradle – Summertime Mouth’s Cradle | Thanks for the link Joe ♥ P.S.: My Flickr is up now, the first roll has been  Continue reading »

Video premiere: "Demon" by Joe

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[youtube=] Some of you might remember Mouth’s Cradle, a two-man formation I featured a while ago. I am now proud to present Johannes Greve Muskat‘s (a.k.a. Joe’s) first full-length work, an official music video for their song “Demon”. A quick note about the video that Joe wanted me to share: “Tell them that it didn’t turn out  Continue reading »

Princess of the Beats

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Photography: Marcin Tyszka Wow.. just wow. These guys are awesome. The music they make is mainly rap / hip-hop, with pop, indie and electronic influences. My only problem is that iTunes’ a bitch so I can’t buy their album off of it. Still, their Baby Teeth EP can be downloaded for free here. Mouth’s Cradle –  Continue reading »