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Sunday Chillin’ #177

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Photography: C a l l u m Have a nice Sunday! Play All K.BHTA – Crysanths Xander Burgess – Four The Happy Cat – Tearjerk Apanemic – I Need Somebody Daughter – Medicine (LuQuS Remix) Spazzkid - Marquez (KEV//BOT Remix) Damon Albarn – Monkey Bee (Nosaj Thing Remix) K.BHTA | Xander Burgess | The Happy Cat  Continue reading »


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Photography: Guillaume Kayacan Breathtakingly fragile vocals by Kazu Makino in Nosaj Thing‘s latest creation. I miss the download / buy links (save physical) very very much. Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue (feat. Kazu Makino)

The XX Remix Album

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Before we get started: it was compiled by me, meaning it’s unofficial. I had the idea a few days ago: some artists are so hyped that every song of their album(s) is possibily remixed, so why not make an “alternative album” of it, with the same tracks in the same order, only remixed. And since  Continue reading »


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I went out last night, I barely slept three hours, I’ve got a terrible headache and will have school all day but I’m still psyched about tonight. I’m going to see Nosaj Thing and Slugabed play, and it’s gonna be frickin’ huge. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Heaven Can Wait (Nosaj Thing Remix) Jogger – Nice Tights  Continue reading »