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Pyramid #3

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Photography: Nuno Serrão It feels good to be posting Pyramid again. Pyramid – Black Road Lifelike – Getting High (Pyramid Remix)


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Photography: Johanna Lundberg Pyramid has well deserved the 3,000 fans that he celebrated this Traxx remix with. Traxx – Discovery (Pyramid Remix)

Life Above The Stars

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Photography: Angeles Peña This wondrous track is taken from Pyramid‘s new release “Life Above The Stars”. You can find the rest of the EP here. Pyramid – Neutral (exclusive)

Shuffle #18

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Photography: Cody Cobb So the blog went down for about a day, but it’s nothing serious just forgot to pay some bills. Anyway, I’m very happy with this Shuffle, I hope you will be too. P.S.: Happy Birthday Joe, totally forgot about it! Foxes - Youth (Pyramid Remix) Dalo – Flight of the Lost Balloon Benjamin  Continue reading »


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Photography: Nicolas Bouvier One theme, envisioned by three producers, in three different ways. I highly recommend giving money for this wondrous collaboration here. 125# – Destiny (Part I) Pyramid – Destiny (Part II) MEO – Destiny (Part III) 125# | Pyramid | MEO


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Photography: Samuel Pritzker Pyramid‘s latest remix of “Canon” by Justice. Not having heard the original I gave that a try too, but apparently this is on a whole another level. Justice – Canon (Pyramid Remix)

Grab The Sunset On A Walk

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Photography: Brent Schoepf My mood exactly. Pyramid – On A Walk Hundreds – Grab The Sunset (Phon.o Remix) Pyramid | Hundreds | Phon.o

Electric Feel #3

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Photography: Yiu Good old electronic music. Justice – Ohio (Just Banana Remix) Chilly Gonzales - Knight Moves (Pyramid Remix) Justice | Just Banana | Chilly Gonzales | Pyramid

Pyramid: Lost in Space

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Pyramid – Lost in Space No. Title Length 1. Space Odyssey 4:34 2. Blue Moon Love 3:06 3. Digital Rain 5:32 4. Interlude 1:54 5. The Race 3:07 6. Fire 3:19 7. Life 6:44 8. Extra Life 4:34 9. Galaxy 3:39 10. Stars Theme 3:26 Download // Mirror Celebrating 1,000 followers at his Facebook page,  Continue reading »

Pyramid #2

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Photography: Partrick Joust Two more Pyramid tracks to help keeping that electro spirit up. Pyramid – The Race Pyramid – Universe